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We're glad you stopped by for a (virtual) visit to our farm and to see what we are up to these days.

Plum Granny Farm is a USDA Certified Organic small family farm located in the north central piedmont area of North Carolina. The farm is set on 54 beautiful acres of rolling countryside just south of Hanging Rock State Park in the Capella community.

We are building on our heritage as a NC Century Farm, as the farm has been in the Ferguson family for over 140 years.  We grow raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, garlic, ginger, specialty veggies, herbs and cut flowers.

Although full-time farming is fairly new to us, we both have deep connections to our farming heritage.  Cheryl grew up on this farm and her father, grandfather and great-grandfather all practiced the art of cultivation on this soil.  Ray has his farming roots in Kansas where his mother grew up amid some of the most beautiful soil that has ever been seen.

Our approach to farming is to nurture the soil and the land to return it to its optimal state.  Building the soil with cover crops, compost and manure will help us produce better, healthier crops and is an essential part of our sustainability.

We hope you'll stop by frequently to check out our blog and check on the crops.  Our website will continue to grow and develop just as our farm continues to do.  So join us in our adventure!

Here's to good growing and good eating!

Cheryl & Ray

Ray & Cheryl, owners of Plum Granny Farm

Photo:  Walt Unks, Winston-Salem Journal




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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update for January 18, 2019 -- The Joy of January!

Posted by Cheryl :: Saturday, January 19 :: 6:07pm

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!
Last Sunday was definitely an icy winter wonderland around here!  We are grateful that we kept power through the storm and had no major damage -- we know that many of you weren't as lucky.  But the event definitely kept us on our toes -- our greenhouse and high tunnels can deal much better with a snow load than they can with ice.  Ray worked throughout Saturday night/Sunday morning checking all of the high tunnels every hour to make sure that there wasn't a build-up of ice on the surface.  Kerosene and propane heaters were set up to make sure that the inside temperatures would be sufficient to reduce any ice build up.  It worked!

Since the greenhouse is heated, Ray opened up the plastic dropped ceiling to allow heat to rise to keep the top of the greenhouse warmer.  Our decision is that it is better to burn a bit more propane than risk losing the greenhouse.

Despite the anxiety an ice storm causes, it sure was pretty!


The persistent muddy conditions are making it difficult for our hooved creatures so we needed to get a bit of work done on Tony and BB.  Tony has issues with his rear feet and they need to be tended pretty frequently.  Ray set up a new platform for doing hoof and other "doctoring" work and it's working great!  And a nice, sunny day made the task more pleasant.  We can't say that they sheep are happy about being there but it sure beats trying to take care of these things on the ground in the pasture.  Our backs are much happier -- and so are the sheep.


Greenhouse work continues.  The plan is to get lots of seeding done this weekend and next week.  Artichokes, shallots and leeks are on the menu.  And the tomatoes and cucumbers that were planted last week are already popping up!

We had a bit of a surprise when we saw a small herd of deer in the raspberry and blackberry field the other morning --  they were munching away on the new planting of raspberries.  Not good!  That definitely raised the priority level on our fencing project.  We had installed 8' deer fencing around the berry and other fields when we moved here in 2009 and it has done a good job.  But the elements (and weedeaters) have taken a toll on the fence and the time was here to replace large sections of it.  Jonny and Ray are gittin 'er done!

This section of fence had been spliced back together many times and finally broke open.  What you can't see are the fresh deer tracks going under the fence!  The orange baling twine was a temporary fix before we were able to install the new fence the next day.

A new line of well-secured fence should do the trick!  Sorry deer!


That does it for this week's news!  On Sunday, hopefully we are in for an astronomical treat with the coincidence of a total lunar eclipse and a full Super moon!  If the skies cooperate, we might be treated to a large full moon that looks orange-red!  This month's full moon is known as the Wolf Moon.  Let's hope that we have clear skies because this will be the last total lunar eclipse visible from North America until 2021.

Monday is when we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  In these difficult times, let us reflect on his words and his call for peace.  Let's be reminded of the need to take action -- go out and make a difference for someone less fortunate.

“The time is always right to do what is right.” 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr at Oberlin College's Commencement address in 1965
Until next week,
Cheryl & Ray


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It's time to gear up for the 2019 Season!  We are looking for highly motivated full-time and part time team members to assist with a wide variety of tasks related to production, harvest and sale of vegetables, fruits, herbs and transplants.  We offer a positive work environment near beautiful Hanging Rock State Park.  We work hard, take pride in our work, respect our team and have fun.  

Work is available now for the right candidate.  Pay is hourly, starting wage dependent on experience.  No housing is available and no tobacco use is allowed on the farm premises. You must have your own reliable transportation to the farm.  All candidates must fill out an application.  If you have a resume, please send it to  No phone calls please.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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