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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update

Posted 5/31/2013 8:02am by Cheryl Ferguson.

 Happy Friday, Farm Friends! 

The sun is back!  And in the bright sunshine, we all all running around trying to figure out which task to tackle next!  The to-do list is quite long:  plant the raspberries, plant the tomatoes, scout the potatoes for Colorado Potato Beetles, plant the tomatillos, weed the asparagus, fix the irrigation, mow the hay, ...I think you get the drift!  We sometimes don't know which way to turn -- kind of like our scape friends here:
Garlic scapes pointing in opposite directions  

One project that is nearing completion is the potting bench and irrigation in the greenhouse.  It is AMAZING what Ray has done in this space!  I keep saying that we should just move in there permanently one day because it is such a wonderful house -- much more light than this old farmhouse!  Check out our new potting bench -- complete with sink!

Potting bench in the greenhouse  
For those of you who have been waiting to come up to pick strawberries, I am sorry to deliver bad news.  We are not going to be able to do any pick-your-own strawberry events this year.  The production is just not there and I'd rather disappoint you now than to have you come up and be disappointed by the quantity of berries.  We are very sorry for this because we love having you and your families here in the field -- but don't despair, Blackberries are coming very soon and we'll be opening that up for PYO this year!  There are LOTS of berries!!!

Here's a quick market report for Saturday (Cobblestone Old Salem Farmers Market, 9-noon) and Wednesday (King Farmers Market, 11-1):

 Certified Organic Products:
    -- Strawberries
    -- Asparagus  (green & purple) -- LAST week - Saturday only
    -- Garlic Scapes (try a taste of our White Bean Dip with Scapes!)
    -- Shallot Flowers
    -- Sugar Snap Peas
    -- Baby Artichokes - Saturday only
    -- Baby Mesclun Salad mix
    -- Heirloom Tomatillo Transplants
    -- Tomato Transplants - (Sungold, Matt's Wild Cherry and Kellogg's Breakfast)

And for your Summer cookouts & grilling, stop by and taste a sample of our popular Raspberry-Chipotle Molé Sauce!  Thanks to the great response to our last batch (it went quickly!!), we made a big ol' batch so we'll have plenty tomorrow!  We'll also have our luscious fruit-forward raspberry and blackberry jams.
Hope to see you at market on Saturday or Wednesday!  You can always call or email to let me know if you'd like me to save you something. 

Take good care and e
njoy the beauty of the early summer -- have you seen the lightning bugs yet??!

Cheryl & Ray

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