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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update

Posted 6/21/2013 1:18pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Happy Friday, Farm Friends! And Happy First Full Day of Summer!

This week has been mostly focused on garlic harvest.  Have pulled three varieties so far and they are looking really good!  All the rain we had on Tuesday slowed us down some but it's not going badly.  It sure is nice having such cool weather for this work - last year during garlic harvest , the temperatures were more like the 90s instead of this year's plesant low 80s!  Nice! We are trying some new approaches to our harvest this year - trimming the roots and cleaning the bulbs pretty thoroughly before we rack or hang them. We'll see how it works - every year we try to improve our technique! 

Ray hanging garlic in barn

We finally got all of the raspberries planted including the black raspberries! Unfortunately we won't have berries on the blacks until next year but the reds should produce.  But get your mouth all ready for blackberries!  The blackberries should really start coming in around the first week in July - we have a few now but not enough for market.  There may be a pick-your-own in the future!
Here’s a preview what we’ll have at market on Saturday (Old Salem) and Wednesday (King):

Certified Organic Produce:

    +Fresh Garlic (Georgian Crystal, Inchelium Red, Elephant)
    +Garlic Scapes (Persian Star, Chesnok)
    +Elephant Garlic Flowers
    +Shallot Flowers (last week!)
    +Baby Kale Mix

We'll also have our luscious fruit-forward raspberry and blackberry jams along with the popular Raspberry-Chipotle Molé Grilling and Cooking Sauce!  Please stop by for a taste!

I'll close with a bit of cuteness - when we were cleaning garlic at the Tobacco Barn, we kept hearing mewing.  Christian and Ray went out to investigate and found 3 kittens about 8 weeks old.  We were able to catch them and put them into a dog crate (of course!).  After lunch today, we were able to get the mama cat and 2 more babies.  We want to get them spayed and neutered and may keep them as barn cats...unless any of you wants an adorable kitten!


Thanks for your support of our farm and our work!  It means so much to us to have great friends and supporters like you!  In case you are on Facebook, check out our page there and "Like" us -- we are trying to get to 500 Likes before the end of July!

Hope to see you at market!  Don't forget to contact us if you'd like to have an item saved.

Happy Summertime Eating!
Cheryl & Ray

Growing Garlic at Home!

People ask us all the time about how to grow garlic.  Here's your chance to learn from our 11+ years experience of growing this essential crop.  If you have always wanted to grow garlic but need some advice to get going or want to improve your skills, this is just the ticket!  Register now for our Growing Great Garlic at Home workshop.  It will be held here at the farm on Sunday, October 13 from 2-5 -- just in time for planting. The class fee is $35 and includes a 1/2 pound bag of seed garlic. To register, use our online form.

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