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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update

Posted 2/4/2014 12:21pm by Cheryl Ferguson.


Happy Tuesday, Farm Friends! Welcome to February!
Last week was a busy one!  We got all of the raspberries and blackberries pruned and cleared the canes. That is a record for us!  Now only the black raspberries, grapes and apples are left to prune.  Hopefully those will be done soon (if it ever stops raining!)

The greenhouse is almost ready to fire up.  Thank goodness we shut everything down before it got really cold -- the cost of filling the propane tank is over $1,100 and when the weather's really cold it can take less than a month to run through it (Yike$).  To conserve heat (and propane), we have made a cozy little room within the greenhouse for starting seedlings.  It's about 1/4 of the greenhouse and we even lowered the ceiling to trap as much warm air as possible.  Here's what it looks like as Elliot and Cheryl try to figure out how to hang the side curtains:

Building Greenhouse germination room
Speaking of warming...thinking about warming your sweetie's heart for Valentine's Day?  On Saturday, February 8, come see us at Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery in Germanton from 10-2 for a very special Valentine's event.  We'll have our heart's delight and lovingly made raspberry, blackberry and strawberry jams for sale.  In addition to the jam, we'll have some lovely and fragrant potted paperwhite narcissus.  And Buffalo Creek's goat cheese is out of this world and pairs great with jam!  Quite nice gifts for your sweetie!  Stop by and take care of your Valentine’s Day shopping - locally!

And finally, last week we left you with a teaser of some good news to share -- well here it is!  We just launched a new program called the Allium Adventure Club! The club is for those of you who absolutely LOVE garlic, onions, shallots and all things allium!  It's our version of your neighborhood book club -- you'll get a weekly (or biweekly) bag of organic delights and we'll guide you through a tasty adventure in the world of allium!  No other farm in the country has anything like this -- so join us on a very exclusive (and yummy!) trip through the land of our favorite genus -- Allium!!  More information and applications are available on the website!

Allie the Allium Adventure Club Mascot

Talk to you next week.  Here's to enjoying six more weeks of winter!

Cheryl & Ray

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