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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update

Posted 3/28/2014 6:55pm by Cheryl Ferguson.


Happy Friday, Farm Friends!

Despite having a short week due to weather, travel and a workshop, we've been getting lots of things done.  The paths for the Demo Garden beds have been mulched and are just waiting for us to fill them with soil and plants!

Proud garden bed builders

We didn't think that we would get to see this so soon, but we found out that the new beds look nice in snow!

Demo beds in snow

We've also been doing one of our favorite tasks -- PLANTING!  Got in a lot of onions as well as bok choy, broccoli raab, and swiss chard.  More pepper seeds have gone into trays (LOTS of shishitos and aji dulce).  We finally got the heat mats working correctly so the peppers and tomatoes are nice and toasty and will sprout sooner.

Planting onionsDetroit and the dibbler

With the warmer weather (temps are actually not supposed to dip below 40 this coming week!), we decided to take down the walls of the greenhouse "Germination Room."  You may recall that we erected a little plastic and rowcover room in the greenhouse to reduce our propane use and costs.  Interestingly almost as soon as the second sidewall dropped, the heater turned on!  It was definitely doing its job keeping a smaller space cozy.

Elliot taking down the greenhouse walls

With April just around the corner, our pace will start to quicken.  Market prep is beginning and we are planning orders with some of our larger customers.  One of the fun things we do is our Kids Garden Kit that we make primarily for The Produce Box, a Raleigh-based company that provides home delivery of fresh NC produce.  We finished up the packs of seeds, soil, plant tray and instructions this week and sent them off to Raleigh.  We'll also have them available at Carolina Grown, our Open Greenhouse Days (April 26-27) and at some markets.  Here is a picture of some of tomatoes, squash and pumpkin (in tray) and carrots and sunflowers from the kit getting started in the greenhouse: 

Kids Garden seeds sproutingCarrots and sunflowers


Enjoy the last few days of March (going out like a lamb, I wonder?)!

Talk to you next week. 

Cheryl & Ray

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