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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Snow Days!

Posted 1/22/2016 3:48pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Farm sign in snow

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

As I write this, the swirling snow and sleet tap on the office window, accelerated by the blast of wind blowing snow across the road.  The road is eerily quiet -- more like early Sunday morning or late night instead of a Friday afternoon.  Welcome to winter! 

Weather forecasters are a true blessing for modern farmers.  Imagine if we didn't have the tools that we have at our disposal today -- yesterday's 50 degrees would not have prepared us for what we have today when the thermometer hasn't budged above 24.  Although I'm not sure that this is going to be the hyped SnowMageddon, I do know it's going to be a cold, wintry few days ahead.  We've been preparing for this for both the animals and the greenhouse.  Everyone is snugged into their respective shelters and have lots of hay, water & cat food to keep them happy.  A few photos from a brisk walk around this afternoon...

Brix in her shelter

A patient donkey that is getting used to her shelter (and I think she's grateful).

The upper pond

The frozen Upper Pond and its coat of snow.

The Tobacco Barn in snow

The Tobacco Barn and blackberries take their rest in the snow.

The greenhouse in snow

Ray checked out the greenhouse earlier today and had to knock the snow off the roof to make sure no harm came to it.  Cranked up the heat too!


AB & BB experiencing their first snow.  BB makes a much better weather-sheep than her brother!

Besides winterizing, we've had lots of other things going on.  Last Saturday, we went up to Borrowed Land Farm outside of Pilot Mountain for a mushroom workshop.  It was a great class where we learned about growing both oyster and shiitake mushrooms.  We came home with lots of great information, two buckets full of oyster mushroom spawn and 2 logs that are inoculated for shiitakes!  They are holding another class on February 6 and it is filling up fast!  Contact them through their Facebook page for more information.

At mushroom workshop  Drilling holes in the shiitake log

We harvested the last of the galangal (Thai ginger) yesterday and delivered it to Noble's Grille and Meridian!  Hard to believe that we will be starting ginger and turmeric pre-sprout in about 3 weeks!

Ray harvesting galangal

And speaking of 3 weeks, don't forget to mark your calendar for our Valentines Holiday Market on Saturday, February 13 from 10-2.  Three guest vendors will be joining us:  Greenberries Farm, Mystic Wolf's Den (formerly MW Herbs) and Steve's Pralines.  Our paperwhite narcissus are planted and are growing nicely and will be all ready for your sweetie!

Paperwhite narcissus growing in pots

On the subject of sweeties, we are still trying to find an indoor home for our rescued kitten, TK.  He is absolutely gorgeous and has the softest fur -- we think he is about 9 months old and has now been neutered.  Although he's a bit shy around new people, once he warms up to you, TK is a purring machine.  Please call or email if you are interested!  We need to find him a home soon.

TK on the desk

Stay safe and warm.  I think it's a great night for sweet potato soup and a movie!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

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