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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update - Going to Seed 🌱

Posted 2/2/2021 1:33pm by Cheryl.

Farm update for January 29, 2021

Happy Friday, Farm Friends!  
It was a lovely frosting on the mountain yesterday morning.  Cook's Wall looks so pretty with a dusting of snow.  Gesti thought it was pretty nice weather to take a walk too!

Let's talk SEED!
I know that we discussed seeds in last week's newsletter but at this time of year on the farm, seeds are on our minds a LOT!  Orders are coming in nearly every day (kind of strange -- more later) and we are working our crop plans which will necessitate getting even more.

The strange thing this year is that it is somewhat of a repeat of 2020 in the seed business.  Last year, the sheer number of orders nearly shut down many seed companies -- the coronavirus pandemic created an explosion of folks who wanted to start gardens at home.  The companies prepared for that again in 2021 but still weren't prepared enough for the crush of orders.  Shortages, combined with shipping delays, are creating some real challenges for farmers and gardeners alike.  At least 1/3 of the seeds we have ordered this year have been backordered -- and we have been ordering seeds earlier this year than usual.  We are getting our orders divided into multiple shipments -- something we hadn't expected.

So if you are wanting to order seeds, you had been hop to it and get in line.  Make sure you are patient and have a back-up plan.  Some companies like Johnny's Selected Seeds,  High Mowing Seeds and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange are limiting hours or are only taking orders from commercial growers.  Even very small seed companies are experiencing shortages and shipping delays.

We have a pretty good stock of seeds that we will will be growing out for our Plant sales, so definitely keep this in mind as you are planning your garden.  So far, we have more than SIXTY varieties of tomatoes for you!  As you can see, we are well-stocked with tomato seeds.

So mark your calendar for March 26 and 27 AND April 30-May 2 for our TWO Spring Plant Sales here at the farm.  The first one will focus more on early crops like kale, chard, cabbage and lettuce.  The second sale will have tons of tomatoes, peppers, ginger, turmeric and lots more!  

A huge part of successful seed-starting is finding the best media for your seeds.  While we know that certain seeds have preferences, we are always looking for a general purpose medium that meets most of our needs.  A couple of new (to us) products have come to our attention recently so we are doing a trial to compare them alongside the product we used last year, Dirtcraft Organics Levitation Blend.  Growers across the country have raved about Vermont Compost Fort Vee and Purple Cow Organics Seed Starter Mix so we'll be trialing these to see which one works best for us.  We are doing a test of all 3 mixes with peas to see which has the best root formation.  We'll keep you posted!

So, yes, the greenhouse is very busy these days -- only to get busier!  Seeds are starting to pop and more trays are being filled every day.  Detroit is a bit worried that he's going to lose all of his resting spots!

It's really not all about the greenhouse these days.  Jonny prepped some beautiful beds for carrots in Wally (it will be a total carrot tunnel soon!) and work on the pad for the greenhouse extension is nearly done.  Ray even got some tractor time in over the weekend -- prepping some fields and making sure that Cara and Mia have plenty of hay (they called in an order).



That will do it for this week!  Make sure you go out tonight to see the first full moon of the year -- the Full Wolf Moon.  Although Thursday was the full moon, it will still be quite a beautiful show on a cold, clear January night. We won't think badly of you if you decide to howl!

Remember to be kind, love your neighbor and wear a mask.
Until next week,
Cheryl & Ray

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