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Another broken heart...

Posted 11/14/2011 10:17am by Cheryl Ferguson.


Sorry to come bringing more sad news again…but we thought that those of you who had visited the farm would want to know.

The past seven days have been a surreal nightmare.  We put down Mocha Saturday night.  She was hit by a car on Monday evening.  It shattered her hip.  Surgery repaired that on Wednesday, but several serious – and ultimately life-ending -- complications set in.  She was young and fit and strong and we were sure she could fight this – but it just wasn’t to be.  We’ve had a really hard time dealing with this loss – we aren’t the kissy-kissy, high-pitched voice, doting dog parents that we have seen over the years.  We don’t treat our dogs like spoiled children.  But this one was incredibly special…

We only had her for 4½ years.  A volunteer at the Los Alamos animal shelter found her running beside the road between Santa Fe and Pojoaque when we lived in New Mexico.  She was young and had been on her own for a long time.  They said she had very recently whelped but certainly had lost the litter because she was so thin and wasn’t lactating.  We got her because they advertised her in the Albuquerque Journal – complete with a photo.  They don’t normally do that, but I guess they knew how special she was.

When we moved back to the farm during Thanksgiving 2009, we weren’t sure how she’d take to this new life.  But she was where she was meant to be -- she absolutely loved being a farm dog.   We took her into the fields with us, whether it was to build a greenhouse or plant or harvest.  Most of the time we tied her under a tree, but many times we’d let her off lead.  She rarely wandered, preferring to be with the family.  And she was always with one of us.

We never knew what kind of dog she was.  After we’d been here awhile, we knew what she was.  We made up a special breed just for her - - Italian Raspberry Hound.  She loved raspberries.  When we were in the field last January, she would go over to canes and pull dried raspberries off and munch away.  She could probably eat a gallon of fresh berries if you gave them to her.  And Thursday, when the vet told us that Mocha had vomited and they found a raspberry in it, we smiled and said, “Yep.”  She had been in the fields with us late Monday.  We had no idea that in less than an hour, the week would take such a horrible turn and that we would be saying goodbye to her in five days.

But we did.  Mocha now is in the field that she loved so much and able to guard those precious raspberries from her post, near an apple tree where she spent many a day.  

This year has been a very tough one.  Losing Yam, crop disappointments and insect infestation…we are most anxious for the page to turn on 2011.  But this life requires resiliency and we must trust that next year will be better.  We frequently say that farming is a lot like being a Cubbies fan – there’s always next year.  And one of the things that helps us get through times like these is the friendship and support that we get from you, the friends of Plum Granny Farm.  We are most grateful for this.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and don’t forget to let those near you – human and animal alike – know how much you care about them. 

Cheryl & Ray

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