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Fall Is For Planting -- YES!

Posted 9/20/2013 1:08pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Happy Friday, Farm Friends!
It is planting time here at Plum Granny Farm!  Contrary to what many people think about farms, fall is actually when we do a lot of our planting.  We start with planting dozens of seed trays in the greenhouse, then move on to strawberries, transplants (from those seeds we started), cover crops, and the grand finale of garlic and shallot planting. So fall is a very key time for us!  Thankfully this fall has been drier so we have been able to get into the fields -- much better than this spring or last fall.  Here's a peek at some baby kale that may make its way to your plate in a few weeks!
Kale in greenhouse

Here's a quick roundup of what we’ll have on our table on Saturday (Old Salem) and Wednesday (King).  An important note for our Old Salem customers, tomorrow there will be a lot of activity in Old Salem.  The Undy 5000, the 5K for Colon Cancer Awareness, will be going on during the first hour of market. The race begins at 9am. The police will do their best to let cars through efficiently but do be aware that the main route goes through Old Salem and some roads will be temporarily blocked. The gravel parking lot remains reserved for market patrons and the grass lot (officially the Brewery lot) at Old Salem Road and Academy Street will also be available.  In order to avoid delays, you might want to arrive at market after 10.
Certified Organic Produce: 

  • LOTS of Grapes (Muscadine and Scuppernong)
  • Garlic (Red Toch, Music, Chesnok, Spanish Roja,      Lorz Italian, and Elephant.  We'll have the last of the Persian Star      and Nootka Rose too)  
         *  New batch of Garlic braids -- and we are also taking orders      for braids for the Holidays!
  • Shallots (French Red and Greeley -- hurry they are      going quickly!)
  • Strawberry plants (now is the time for planting!) in 4-packs and a few gallons.  Chandler and Sweet Charlie are available.  

We have replenished our supply of Old Fashioned Raspberry and Blackberry      Jams as well as the Raspberry-Baby Ginger and Raspberry-Chipotle Molè      Sauce -- so if you have been disappointed the past couple of weeks,      they are back! 

For those of you who came looking for us at market last Saturday, we were sorry to have missed you.  Mama Meow, the cat who brought her 5 kittens to live with us was hit by a car and killed on Saturday morning. We found her as we were loading up the van for market.  Even though we had only had her with us for 3 months, she had become a real part of the farm.  Thank you for your understanding.
Mama Meow at the walk-in cooler drinking milk 

Hope to see you at market!  You can always contact us if you'd like to have an item saved.
Just two more days until Autumn!!

Cheryl & Ray


Plant Your Victory Garden Now!

Interested in planting your Covid-19 Victory Garden?  Plum Granny Farm is happy to help!  We'll be holding our 7th annual Spring Plant Sale the first weekend in May.   Four terrific days to find those perfect plants for your own Victory Garden – Friday, May 1 (10-4), Saturday, May 2 (10-4), Sunday, May 3 (1-4) and Monday, May 4 (10-3). 

On Friday and Saturday, we will reserve the first 2 hours of the plant sale to seniors and those at-risk.  We will also have procedures in place to ensure adequate social distancing such as limiting the number of people in the greenhouse at any time, asking visitors to bring and wear masks and maintaining 6' spacing in checkout lines, etc. Other preventive measures will be in place as well for hand sanitation, etc. 

Hundreds of plants will be available!  For a complete list, please click here.

PlumFresh Registration Is Open NOW!

Sign-ups for our popular PlumFresh Harvest Subscription Program have begun.  This program is our own twist on a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  It is flexible and customizable -- and you don't have to pay for the entire season upfront.  Click here for more information!  Ready to sign up now?  Click here!

Our Online Store is Ready to Serve You!

We've been really jammin' so now our online store is fully stocked and waiting for your orders! Click here to go right to the shelves.  You'll find our popular fruit-forward Jams (regular and gift-size jars), Garlic Powder and Granules as well as our new Ginger Powder and Lavender Sachets!  

NEW!  Local customers can order online and arrange to pick up their items at the farm or at the Cobblestone Farmers Market Winter Market.


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