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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Baby Ginger, Strawberries and ...

Posted 10/21/2016 10:13am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends! Happy Friday!

As we settle into late October, it is really starting to feel more like autumn (if you ignore the 90+ degree temps of the past couple of days!).  The leaves are starting to show more color and a whiff of woodsmoke can be detected some evenings.  This is a great time of year to head up to Stokes County and Hanging Rock to see the leaves!  We really have a spectacularly beautiful County -- come visit!

Tree in Autumn

The change in seasons also signals a change in crops.  We are swapping out our okra, squash and cucumbers for garlic.  This week our okra beds went from a lush green forest to looking like a chainsaw massacre had ensued.  Okra has a really large and tough stalk (trunk?) and it takes some serious effort to get them out -- but we didn't actually have to use chainsaws! 

Okra after  Okra field getting ready for garlic

We'll all miss the beautiful okra flowers (Cheryl will really miss the actual okra!) and the bees were taking advantage of them until the very end.

The okra flower and the bee

We have an exciting use for the leftover large okra.  One of our customers, Maggie Monteith, is a kindergarten teacher at Mount Olive Elementary in King.  Her students (along with other students at the school) will be making adorable Santa ornaments with the okra!  The okra is drying now in the barn and will soon be transformed into these cute santas! Maggie and her helpers will be selling these cute ornaments at our Small Business Saturday Holiday Market on November 26.

Okra drying in barn  Okra ornament

Baby Ginger and Strawberries -- what a delightful combination!  We've had a lot of both of these going on this week!  Michael Hastings did a great story in the Winston-Salem Journal on local baby ginger on Wednesday.  He featured us along with Shore Farms in Yadkinville.  We were the first farm to grow baby ginger in the area starting in 2010 and the only Certified Organic one!  We love growing ginger -- and hope you will love eating it!  Check out our recipes sheet at market!

Baby ginger

The strawberries are finally planted!  They are now tucked into their new home in the Flat Shoals field.  We got the deer fence up on Monday (first things first) and planted Tuesday.  They were then treated to a nice drink of fish emulsion water!  Yum!  Grow, little plants, grow!

Strawberry security crew  Chris the planting machine  Yay!  All done!

And coming soon will be our Baby Ginger-Strawberry-Mint Jam!  Look for it on Small Business Saturday!

Market Update

We'll be at Cobblestone Farmers Market in Old Salem (Saturday) and at the King Farmers Market at the Stokes Family YMCA (Wednesday) with lots of Certified Organic tastiness!  Here's what you'll find on our tables:  Baby Ginger, Garlic Powder and Granules, Garlic Sampler Bags, boxes of Teeny Tiny Taters and Creamer Potatoes, garlic (5 varieties), garlic braids, sunflower shoots and Swiss Chard.  We will also have bags of our Seed Garlic -- now is the time to plant!  And don't forget our tasty, garlickly Scape Pesto -- perfect for Pizza Night!

We hope to see you at Old Salem from 9-noon and at King from 11-1.  This Wednesday (10/26) is the LAST market of the King Farmers Market season.  If you'd like us to save something for you, please send us an email by 10 p.m. prior to market.

Even though the days are getting shorter and the Autumn reds and golds are moving in, make sure you look around to catch these last bursts of summer glory.

Pink zinnia flowers

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

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