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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Back to School, Back to Market!

Posted 8/14/2015 8:49am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

We're back!  Yes, after a two week market break, we are back at it and getting ready for market again!  Thank you all so much for understanding our need to pause for a few days and not be at market.  It was very restorative and will give us the energy to get through the end of November!

Even though we didn't go to the beach or the lake or the mountains, and we did do lots of farm things, it was good to hit the pause button on our market attendance and (dare we say it?) sleep in on a Saturday morning!!

But now we are in full tilt market-prep gear and have put together a great list of crops for the remainder of the season!

Before we dive into the details of what we've been up to, we must take a moment to brag a bit!  Two of our tomatoes entered in the Winston-Salem Journal's Taste of Summer Tomato Tasting were winners!  Our yummy "Chocolate Drop" won First Place and "Suzanne" came in second! Woo hoo!  Read all about the event in Amy Dixon's great article in today's Winston-Salem Journal!  Thanks to Amy, Michael Hastings and the Journal for sponsoring this event and giving farmers and gardeners an opportunity to show off their wares!

And -- breaking news -- we just learned that "Chocolate Drop" won the Customer Choice favorite at the King Farmers Market!  Double winner!!

Chris & Ray picking Red Pearls for tomato tastingChris and Ray harvesting Red Pearl tomatoes to be entered in the "Slice of Summer" competition

So other than entering contests and sitting on the porch, drinking iced tea, what else have we been doing?  LOTS!  More planting, weeding, clearing, straightening, and planning than you can shake a stick at!  Oh -- yeah, and we also submitted our Organic Growers Plan to our organic certifier!!

Since we have had some crop disappointments this season (potatoes, raspberries), we are trying to make a big push for fall crops.  We just finished planting the 3rd succession of snap beans yesterday.  The 1st flight looks like it will be ready in a couple of weeks!  Get your tastebuds ready for French filet beans, "Jade" snap beans, "Rattlesnake" pole beans, "Dragon Tongue" and "Pension" Romano beans!  The early riser okra is popping up and we are starting to get a few shishito peppers.  And the sweet potatoes are looking fantastic! 

 Green beans are growing great   Burgundy okra   Garnet sweet potatoes

We are getting our beds ready and covered with plastic mulch for the first flights of kale, swiss chard, lettuce, frisee, senposai, tat soi and more!  We are even putting in a late crop of sunflowers -- hopefully we will have them for your Thanksgiving table!

Covering the beds in Flat Shoals    Chris tilling the Test Bed for sunflowers

Market Updates

Yes, we are BACK!!!  Find us under the purple tent at Cobblestone Farmers Market at Old Salem (Saturday, 9-noon) and King Farmers Market at the YMCA (Wednesday, 11-1). We will have Organic LaRatte fingerling potatoes and garlic (Red Toch, Music, Purple Italian, Lorz Italian and Lahontan along with Elephant Garlic).  There will be lots of French Red Shallots, Tomato (Fruit Boxes, Saladettes, slicers and paste tomatoes), Concord Grapes, Summer Pippin Apples and artichokes -- all Certified Organic!  And don't forget the JAM!

We are happy to hold an item for you -- just let us know no later than 9 p.m. the day before market (Friday evening or Tuesday evening).

And even though we are a day late, we must shout-out a special day -- Left Handers Day!  Yep, since Ray and Cheryl are both lefties, August 13 holds a special significance!  So here is some left-handed trivia from Holiday Insights:

  • Sinistrophobia is the fear of left-handedness or things on the left side.
  • While many people are left handed, very few are 100% left handed. For example, many left handers golf and bat right handed. Meanwhile there is a high percentage of righties who are 100% right-handed.
  • Tuesdays are Lefties luck day.
  • Only about 10% of the population is left handed.

So to our Southpaw compatriots, "Left On!"

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray 

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