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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update - Berry Bonanza!

Posted 7/11/2014 9:45am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Happy Friday, Farm Friends!

A bit of a foggy morning here on the farm.  We have gotten a bit of moisture but things are still pretty crispy.  Thank goodness that we have irrigation to keep our crops going. The cooler temps have been welcome this week (and over the Holiday weekend) as well.

Foggy morning at the upper pond

Today we are starting the potato harvest!  Unfortunately it seems that we got a bit of blight or something on a couple of more susceptible varieties.  We are using the new potato harvester that we got this winter -- we'll see how it works out!  A few photos...

Potato harvester    Red Thumb potato in hand

While many folks were out enjoying a beautiful Independence Day, Ray and Chris pruned the black raspberries.  Let's just say, if bloodletting were still a preferred form of medical treatment, they would both be in great shape!  Ray quipped that a common malady of bramble growers is anemia.  Those are some mighty thorny plants!!  But the rows look so much better now -- and will be healthier going into the fall/winter and for production next year.

Ray and Chris dragging black raspberry trimmings out of the field

We have new residents at the farm -- actually about 30,000+.  Our friend Jen just sold her small farm in Winston-Salem and needed another location for her hive. Our girls are very hospitable so she moved her girls up on Wednesday morning.  Now we have both our top-bar style of hives alongside her Langstroth hive.

Jen's bee haive beside the Wellbees

Our yummy Triple Crown blackberries continue to come in STRONG!  We will have another Pick-Your-Own this Saturday (7/12) from 9-1.  More than 125 pounds of blackberries went home with folks last Saturday and you can be the lucky pickers this weekend!  Our sugar bomb berries have been delighting diners at Meridian, Mary's Gourmet Diner and Green Valley Grill this week -- along with our great market & PYO customers. Just a reminder of what's out there:

PYO box of blackberries

More signs of summer in the fields -- tomatoes, okra, tomatillos, oriental lilies..... Mmmmmm.

        Ripening tomatoes  Tomatillos in a basket   Stargazer lilies

Market Update:  Three opportunities to find our goodies at market this week!  On Saturday, we'll be at Cobblestone Farmers Market at Old Salem and we'll have a tent full of our products here at the farm for Pick-Your-Own.  On Wednesday, we'll be at the King Farmers Market at the Stokes Family YMCA.  What will you find on our tables?  We'll have lots of Certified Organic Fresh Garlic and Garlic Lollipops, Blackberries, sugar snap peas (few), baby beets, baby kale, salad mix, tomatillos, potatoes, okra,  Stargazer Oriental Lilies and MORE!  Our delicious Raspberry-Chipotle Molé Sauce (featured in the June issue of O'Henry Magazine) is perfect for summer cookouts! And don't forget the jams as tasty ice cream toppings! 

As a reminder, if there is anything that you would like for us to hold for you at market just let us know by e-mail, by the evening before, and we will be glad to put it aside for you.

Have a super weekend.  Get out and see the Thunder (or Hay) Moon tonight.  It is the first full moon of the summer and is best seen around 1 a.m. in the southern sky.

Talk to you next week.

Cheryl & Ray

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