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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- December Dreams

Posted 12/5/2015 2:53pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Saturday!

It's been a busy week here at the farm and we are running a bit behind.  It took a couple of days to clean up and recover from our Small Business Saturday Holiday Market.  We had a fabulous turnout -- thanks to so many of you for coming out to support small, local businesses!

Greenhouse after Holiday Market

One of our main tasks as 2015 winds down is to get the garlic planted. After spending a couple of days cracking garlic (while it rained), we started planting on Friday. Hurrah! We are going to be a bit squeezed for space this year and we will be planting a bit less than last year.  You'll just have to make sure that you don't wait until the end of the season next year to get your garlic since we may run out sooner!  Here are a few pictures of the process to date:

Ray smoothing the tops of the garlic beds  Detroit gets a scratch from the dibbler   Ray and Chris planting garlic

BB Update:  Our new addition arrived last week; BB's brother Abernathy joined the herd on Wednesday.  They've settled in pretty well together (barring a post-dark breakout of the pasture last Friday night -- VERY scary!)  AB is definitely a big boy and we have to keep coming up with ways to make sure BB gets her fair share of food.  We did a weigh-in yesterday (probably AB's first and last with us!) -- BB was 43 pounds and AB was a whopping 58!  Enjoy a few pictures:

Laura & AB checking out the hutch on Day 1  Ray makes sure that both lambs get a meal  Chowing down on tasty Plum Granny Farm hay

Holly Jolly Jamboree! To give you a chance to pick up a few more last minute Holiday gifts, we are having a Pop-Up Market at the farm on Saturday, December 12th from 9-noon.  We'll have lots of Jams (Old Fashioned Raspberry, Old Fashioned Blackberry, Raspberry-Baby Ginger, Raspberry-Chipotle, Raspberry-Cranberry, Yam's Jam Sweet Potato Butter and Raspberry-Chipotle Molé Sauce) - several varieties will be available in stocking stuffer sizes.  There will be Jam Gift Boxes, Garlic Lovers Gift Boxes, beautiful garlic braids, fragrant Paperwhite Narcissus, and Mistletoe (each bunch tested and guaranteed to work!)

We'll have a few veggies including Sweet Potatoes (Garnet and Covington), fresh Baby Turmeric and Garlic Powder & Granules, Garlic Sampler bags and culinary garlic.  

So mark your calendar and finish your Holiday shopping at the farm.  Come shop small, ya'll!

Annette with garlic braid

If you have family and friends out of the area, we are happy to ship any of our jam or garlic products.  Check out our website to order and let us take care of the hassle of shipping your gifts.  A taste of Plum Granny Farm is a mighty tasty way to send Holiday greetings to your loved ones.

 Jame gift boxes

In closing, we have some sad news to share.  Our wonderful farm cat, Ajo, was killed by a car on Tuesday.  He was such a loving and sweet cat.  Many of you had the opportunity to meet him at various farm events -- including last Saturday.  Ajo was part of the litter that was born here 2 1/2 years ago to Mama Meow. We are going to miss our fluffy buddy so much. May you find many sunny nap spots, our friend.

Ajo in the garlic planting crate  Ajo on Small Business Saturday

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

One More Chance Summer Plant Sale This Saturday!

In case you missed our Plant Sale this past weekend, we are giving you one more chance!  We are extending our Plant Sale by one more day -- Saturday, May 8 from 10-2.  
Although we moved through a lot of plants last weekend, we still have a great selection.

You'll find oodles of Certified Organic transplants including tomatoes (50+ varieties), peppers, eggplant, squash (summer and winter), herbs, blackberry and raspberry plants, flowers and LOTS MORE!  We'll also have organic soil amendments and potting soil to get your garden up and growing.

Click here for a complete plant list.

Get Ready for PlumFresh 2021!

UPDATE!  We are currently sold out!  But, we are building a waiting list so we encourage you to go ahead and get in line.  We anticipate having additional space a bit later in the season and we will add on additional members from our Wait List.

Registration for the 2021 Season is NOW OPEN!  PlumFresh is our own twist on a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  It is flexible and customizable -- and you don't have to pay for the entire season upfront.  Click here for more information!  Ready to sign up now?  Click here!

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