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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update - Farm Tour Volunteers Needed!!

Posted 5/16/2014 10:09am by Cheryl Ferguson.


Happy Friday, Farm Friends!

Feeling wonderful after yesterday's rain!  We got about 1 1/2 inches - not the extreme gully-washer that some had predicted.  The plants are already responding -- the garlic is looking more refreshed and perky! The recently planted artichokes, tomatillos and okra seem to be heaving a sigh of relief... "Whew - we really needed it!" (See what I meant last week when I said that weather was all we talk about?)

Things are starting to shape up in the fields -- although we still have lots more planting to do.  The potatoes are emerging nicely and have already been cultivated and hilled once.

LaRatte potatoes emerging in row

New crops are starting to replace older ones -- we are replanting some of the overwintered kale and the asparagus is at its last harvest.  Meanwhile the sugar snap peas are blooming (may have some for market!) and the bunching onions are ready to go.  The garlic is sizing up nicely and the scapes are just beginning to form on the hardnecks.

Garlic field in mid-May

Our bees have been very active this year.  The Well-Bees hive has thrown off a 2nd swarm. We managed to catch it at the same place we caught the first one - at the house in front of Daddy's Cub tractor.  Here's a picture of them right after they left the hive and were hanging out in the tree. Amazing, isn't it?

Bee swarm in tree

Calendar alert!  We are excited to be included in the upcoming Triad Farm Tour sponsored by the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association June 7-8 .  This is its first year and there are 17 farms on the tour.  If you are available to volunteer here at the farm on either Saturday or Sunday, we could use some help!  We need about 5 volunteers each day.  Please send us an email if you are interested!  We'll make sure you have lots of fun!

Triad Farm Tour logo

Market Update:  It will be a very busy weekend at Old Salem tomorrow.  They are hosting the Pottery Fair on the Square and P. Allen Smith is in the village filming - rumor has it that he may be making a stop by market tomorrow!  At the Wednesday King Farmers Market, we have started a new garden & cookbook lending library!

What will you find on our tables this week?  We'll have lots of Certified Organic Spring Garlic, asparagus (LAST week), baby kale, baby swiss chard, salad mix, baby beets (few), pea shoots, bunching onions, broccoli raab, radishes, blackberry & black raspberry plants, transplants (tomatoes, tomatillos, basil and other herbs, peppers and eggplant), garlic powder and MORE!

We are happy to save an item for you in advance if you'd like.  Just shoot us an email before the market.

Talk to you next week. Enjoy the cooler temps this weekend -- even the bees thought it was mighty hot earlier this week!  They were hanging out on the porch waiting for someone to turn on the AC!

Bees on the porch

Cheryl & Ray

Coming Soon! Small Business Saturday Holiday Market!

Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 30 for our 6th Annual Small Business Saturday Holiday Market!  Once again we are partnering with Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery in Germanton to bring you a one-of-a-kind Holiday shopping experience!  Watch this space for more details!  Shop Small Y'all!

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