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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update for Autgust 31, 2018 -- The Tipping Point

Posted 9/9/2018 1:04pm by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

A misty, foggy start to the last day of August.  I remember reading somewhere that there is a correlation between the number of foggy August mornings and the number of snows in the winter.  While I haven't been keeping exact count, I'd say that we are in for a snowy winter!

But after the refreshingly cool weather last week, we have been back at the mid-90's all this week and have been swimming through the humidity.  As one farmer friend put it, "September can’t come soon enough as long as the heat and humidity break soon too.  I think the worst air of the summer has come this week, even more brutal after the delicious weather of last week!"  Couldn't agree more!

August has been called the "Tipping Point" between Summer and Fall.  Despite the muggy, steamy conditions, we've been keeping up our march to get ready for autumn.  We are tipping our crop mix to the cooler season veggies like kale, cabbage and carrots.  Lots of planting and prepping of fields -- check out the newly planted cabbage (left) and the super deep bed for our late fall carrots (right).


It was out with the cucumbers in Mama Meow!  These cukes kept getting knocked down by disease and pests and the yields were just getting too small to justify the expensive real estate.  But we sure learned a lot about lower and lean with this crop -- pricey tuition!  The grow bags will soon be filled with lettuce.

The heirloom Seminole Squash are setting a lot of fruit and keep on
g -r- o- w- i -n- g!  The vines must be at least 30 feet long now.

The Mystery Continues...

Inspector Brix has not been able to get to the bottom of The Great Pasture Caper.  Tony and BB are too busy eating grass in their newly expanded paddock and humans, well...what can she say?  She is hoping for some answers VERY soon -- and will work overtime to file a full report next week.  But donkeys always work overtime, right?

Pick a Peck of Pretty Picnic Peppers!
The peppers are starting to roll in -- definitely not at peak but we are getting larger harvests every day. These Picnic Peppers are definitely a farm favorite.  All of us love munching on these sweet little gems.

The Pepper Palace (aka Raz House) is pumping out beautiful sweet red pimentos, Marconi, red bells and the delicious Shishitos too.

Cobblestone Farmers Market Update
We will be featuring our wonderful Shishito Peppers this weekend.  They are great on the grill, seared in a skillet or blended up in a tasty cold soup!  We'll have samples (and recipes) of our delicious Creamy Shishito Soup at market tomorrow.

The Potato Bar will be back -- but we are running low on spuds!  We still have plenty of the delicious Bintje Potatoes -- the original French fry potato from the Netherlands -- and we'll have the last of the Russet and Huckleberry Gold.  We'll also have boxes of tasty Creamers -- think Potato Salad for your Labor Day picnic!   The perfect potato partners -- Rosemary and Italian Parsley -- will also be available.

Have you tried Pea Shoots?  If not, you should!  These tasty little nutritional powerhouses have a pea-like taste and can be eaten raw (salads, sandwiches) or lightly sautéed. We'll have bunches of pea shoots along with Sunflower Shoots (another yummy, crunchy treat).

In addition to the Shishito Peppers, we'll have the favorite sweet and nearly seedless Picnic/Lunchbox Peppers and Sweet Red Peppers.  In the Garlic Department, we'll have at least 6 varieties of Bulb Garlic (Red Toch, Spanish Roja, Lorz, Lahontan Early, Elephant and the last of the Music and Chesnok) along with Garlic Sampler Bags and Garlic Granules.  We'll have Microgreens, Dill, a few cucumbers and the last of the Basil (for now).

Here's wishing you a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Enjoy those last beautiful days of Summer.

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

One More Chance Summer Plant Sale This Saturday!

In case you missed our Plant Sale this past weekend, we are giving you one more chance!  We are extending our Plant Sale by one more day -- Saturday, May 8 from 10-2.  
Although we moved through a lot of plants last weekend, we still have a great selection.

You'll find oodles of Certified Organic transplants including tomatoes (50+ varieties), peppers, eggplant, squash (summer and winter), herbs, blackberry and raspberry plants, flowers and LOTS MORE!  We'll also have organic soil amendments and potting soil to get your garden up and growing.

Click here for a complete plant list.

Get Ready for PlumFresh 2021!

UPDATE!  We are currently sold out!  But, we are building a waiting list so we encourage you to go ahead and get in line.  We anticipate having additional space a bit later in the season and we will add on additional members from our Wait List.

Registration for the 2021 Season is NOW OPEN!  PlumFresh is our own twist on a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  It is flexible and customizable -- and you don't have to pay for the entire season upfront.  Click here for more information!  Ready to sign up now?  Click here!

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