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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update for December 8, 2017 -- Let It Snow!

Posted 12/8/2017 5:51pm by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

As I sit here writing this newsletter, swirls of snowflakes flutter down outside my window.  It's Snowing!! The weather forecast has been a-l-l over the place so we're not sure if it is just a flurry or if we really are going to get some accumulation.  But it is nice to watch the snow fall.  Even if some things didn't get the memo.


But Brix, BB and Tony  definitely read the weather forecast and were making sure that we knew that they needed some hay to keep them well-fueled.

Field Report

It's done!!!  Hooray!  The garlic is planted!

Monday afternoon we finished planting -- a record finish.  Nearly 18,000 cloves tucked into the ground in under 3 days.  Wow!  Kudos to Chris and Jonny for getting it done so quickly and so well!  All done by hand.  No mechanical planters here (although these 2 guys move as quickly as some machines we've seen!)

Oh, excuse me.  Detroit wanted to make sure I mentioned that HE planted too!

Now the field is adorned with dozens of tags marking the garlic varieties and sources and we await the emergence of the first plants.  

After knocking that task off our to-do list, we turned to get things prepped for the upcoming cold weather.  The forecasts have bounced around like crazy but regardless, we knew that we needed to prepare for some pretty cold temps.

A key task was to make sure that we had row cover at the ready for the strawberries and in the hoophouse.  Even though we won't have to actually cover things for a few days, it's good to be prepared so we aren't trying the find the right piece of fabric while the wind is whipping and the thermometer is heading into the teens (been there, no fun).

So now we have things staged for the Polar Express -- whether or not it decides to come into town.


With the garlic planted, we've been cracking the remaining garlic for powder and granules -- the aroma of dehydrating garlic wafts across the farm for days!  We'll be well-stocked!

Getting into the Season

With markets behind us and garlic in the ground, we can start to breathe a bit (but not totally until our Organic Inspection happens!).  We've been trying to get out and enjoy some of the special things that the Holiday Season offers.  Last Friday we went to TubaChristmas and on Sunday we went to Mitchell's Nursery and Greenhouse for their amazing Poinsettia Open House.  They grow 80 varieties of poinsettias and more than 10,000 plants.  Each year, they host an open house where visitors can vote on their favorite cultivars.  Mitchell's is one of 33 commercial growers in North America to participate in the trials and this information is provided to the breeders association.  Even though the open house has passed, Mitchell's still has an outstanding selection of poinsettias for your home or office!


Shop Local -- Without Leaving Home!

Speaking of well-stocked -- the shelves of our online store are filled with jams, garlic and ginger powder, gift boxes and more!  And new for this year, we just added our fragrant Lavender Sachets!

So don't head out to the Big Boxes! We make it easy to shop local without leaving your house!  Our hand-made, farm-grown items are perfect as a hostess gift, a teacher, or even for yourself!  Looking for a custom option?  Give us a call (336-994-2517) or send us an email (farm@plumgrannyfarm.com) and we can put something together for you! We'll even take care of the hassle of shipping them!  Check out our updated online store and see what we have to offer. 

Hopefully you got to see the amazing Supermoon on Sunday!  Wow, what a sight!  The cold night skies will have another special treat for us next week.  The Geminid Meteor Shower began this past Monday but will peak next Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  The great thing about this meteor shower is that is becomes visible just a couple hours after nightfall -- you don't have to wait until after midnight to see them.  So bundle up and check out the heavenly view!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

P.S.  It's STILL snowing!  Glad we don't have to plant garlic today!

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