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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update for March 9, 2018 -- March Madness

Posted 3/14/2018 8:32am by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

As March Madness settles across the country with nonstop broadcasts of basketball tournaments, we are settling into our own form of madness.  The madness induced not by hours of watching basketball (although Cheryl was well-schooled in the art of ACC tournaments growing up) but rather the madness driven by very long lists, terrible weather and the realization that farmers market begins in a month.  Aieeeee!!!!

This week we've been quite busy getting geared up for the growing season -- and helping our fellow farmers.  We got our huge co-op order from Seven Springs Farm Supply on Monday. This task would have been IMPOSSIBLE without the muscle-power of Chris and Jonny.  Even though we had a pallet jack and the truck had a lift gate, there is no way that this load could have gotten off the truck in anything less than 4 hours without these two awesome guys.  Thank you, Chris & Jonny -- you ROCK!

This is 14,460 pounds of organic fertilizer, soil amendments and other farm products destined for 9 different farms in the area!  By collaborating and ordering a large amount of products, we are able to save everyone money.  Power to the Farmers!


It hasn't all been lifting 50# bags this week!  We got to play plant scientist with Farmer Al from Farmhaven earlier in the week.  Both of us had been wanting to graft some tomatoes so we had ourselves a little grafting party!   By grafting tomatoes, you are able to add a more disease-resistant rootstock to your desired variety of tomato.  For example, Cherokee Purple is notoriously prone to disease but by putting it on a more resistant rootstock, you will have have a stronger plant.  So far it seems the plants are doing okay -- fingers crossed!


The weather has definitely been a challenge this week -- from crazy winds to rains to colder temperatures to snow flurries -- it feels like we have seen it all!  The poor strawberries are really confused -- they have been flowering like crazy for the past month or so. We have had them uncovered for several weeks to give them a chance to be pollinated and to prevent pests and disease.  But with this most recent round of cold, they got covered back up again.  It was 28 degrees here this morning.

Bluebird House Crop Mob!
Our resident population of bluebirds continues to increase and we need some bluebird nesting boxes!  We will be making houses here at the farm on Sunday, March 18 from 2-5 p.m.  We will provide tools and materials.  We only will have space available for 8 volunteers so if you are interested in participating, please email us as soon as possible (just reply to this email).  Come on out to an early spring afternoon here at the farm -- weather permitting, of course.  Pre-registration is required.

Photo: uniquebirdhouseboutique.com

Interested in PlumFresh? Better Hurry!
More and more registrations have been coming in this week for our PlumFresh Harvest Subscription Program!  We are now FULL for our Cobblestone Market pick-ups but we do have some openings left for our Wednesday on-farm pick-ups and Wednesday delivery option (for just $4 you can have your bag of farm-fresh, Organic goodies dropped off at your DOOR!).

PlumFresh is not your typical CSA.  We have lots of fruits and there's no big up-front cost.  A great benefit is its flexibility -- if you need, you can skip a week and not be charged.  Here's another testimonial from one of our members:

"The variety of produce was fantastic! I love that you guys supply standard produce items that everyone is familiar with, but also get people to try new vegetables, as well as offer interesting items like garlic, scapes, pesto, mushrooms, berries, etc, that aren't typically in CSA's. Also, your flexibility is really what made the program work for me! I could swap items as needed if there was something I didn't want/need, or  I could cancel my box if I was out of town."

Don't miss out -- get your spot today!  We have a new online registration form available here.  If you'd still like more information about PlumFresh, click here. We would LOVE to be YOUR farmer!

That will do it for this week!  The sun is shining and the list is long!  And since we lose an hour this weekend due to Daylight Savings Time, we'd better hop to it! 

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray


PlumFresh Is Full but Get in Line for 2021!

The 2020 Season for PlumFresh is currently SOLD OUT!  But to make sure you get an early place in line for 2021, please fill out the registration form so that we may contact you when registrations open in January.

This program is our own twist on a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  It is flexible and customizable -- and you don't have to pay for the entire season upfront.  Click here for more information!  Ready to sign up now?  Click here!

Our Online Store is Ready to Serve You!

We've been really jammin' so now our online store is fully stocked and waiting for your orders! Click here to go right to the shelves.  You'll find our popular fruit-forward Jams (regular and gift-size jars), Garlic Powder and Granules as well as our new Ginger Powder and Lavender Sachets!  

NEW!  Local customers can order online and arrange to pick up their items at the farm or at the Cobblestone Farmers Market Winter Market.


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