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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Garlic-a-palooza!!

Posted 5/1/2015 8:50am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday -- and welcome to May! 

The beginning of May usually has one consistent date for us here at Plum Granny Farm -- Garlic-a-palooza!  For our newer readers, this event is a all-hands-on-deck spring garlic harvest/clean/bundle process that lasts about 5 days.  Why?  We provide upwards of 2,000 bunches of our organic spring garlic to our friends at The Produce Box in Raleigh.  They, in turn use it in some of their wonderful boxes of NC produce that is delivered across the state (including the Triad).  We love working with our friends there -- and even though we are one of the smallest farms they purchase from, we have developed a garlic niche with them.  Here are Chris and Ray harvesting some of the spring garlic -- we use the undercutter bar to cut the roots and then pull the garlic out cleanly. Twelve down, 11,988 left to go....

Chris & Ray harvesting spring garlic

Before the 'Palooza began, we started planting ginger.  We will be growing the white "Big Kahuna" and the new (to us) yellow "Khing Yai."  We will also grow Galangal and turmeric.  The greenhouse is starting to fill up again --with different stuff!

Chris & Cheryl planting ginger

Forecasted warmer days and nights have us anxious to start getting the tomatoes in the field.  Ray got the beds made and we started covering them with plastic (a new method for us this year).  The plan is for about 850 plants in addition to the  tomatillos.  We have a few new varieties that we are trialing this year -- heirlooms and some new introductions. We are excited about bringing those to market.  Meanwhile, in the hoophouse, the early tomatoes are doing great -- there are flowers on several plants!

Strawberries!  Yes, the beginning of the strawberry season is here!  The first couple of weeks will be a bit sparse but we hope to have a good crop this year.  We'll even have a few on our tables at market this week and will have a pick-your-own event very soon.  Our berries are Certified Organic AND no-spray!  One of the benefits of working here is that you get to sample the crops before they start to come in -- here is Chris getting the first dibs at the berries!
Chris eating his first strawberry of 2015

Thanks so much to so many of you for coming to our Open Greenhouse and Plant Sale last Sunday.  Even though the weather wasn't great, we had a great day talking with folks and helping them find the perfect plants for their garden.  We are likely to have another Greenhouse Day, so stay tuned!


Market Updates

Check out Amy Dixon's great article in today's Winston-Salem Journal about the King Farmers Market.  Thanks for giving a shout out to this hidden gem in the farmers market world!

We'll have lots of fresh Spring favorites on our tables!  There will be asparagus (green & purple), Spring garlic (likely the last week), salad mix, baby beet greens, cilantro (small amount), baby kale, White Russian kale bunches, rapa, strawberries (a few!), garlic powder and granules, and basil, tomato, pepper and herb transplants, blackberry and black raspberry plants, and strawberry hanging baskets -- all Certified Organic!  We'll also have our full assortment of jams (and samples).

All kinds of early May happenings -- Derby Day, Cinco de Mayo (and anniversary day for Cheryl & Ray!), and National Teachers Day (5/6).  And it sounds like sunshine will be in abundance -- get outdoors and plant something!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray


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