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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Garlic Harvest Crop Mob!

Posted 6/12/2015 8:04am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday! 

Even though the Summer Solstice is more than a week away, it is starting to feel as if Summer is moving in -- temps in the 90's this week.  But those not conditions are just what several of our crops like sweet potatoes and okra want!  This year, we are trying something new with our sweet potatoes -- we are growing our own slips (essentially transplants) for planting. We usually purchase our organic slips but one of our suppliers stopped selling them this year so we decided to try growing them ourselves.  There are several methods to propagate the slips -- everything we read said that it was pretty simple to do so we decided to give it a shot.  We started with whole sweet potatoes in a tray with coir and let them sprout out for a couple of months.  This week, we took the sweet potatoes and cut off the sprouts and put each little leaf node into a seed tray for them to grow roots.  Sweet potatoes develop roots very quickly (did you ever grow one in a jar when you were a kid?).  We should have slips in a couple of weeks!

Planting sweet potato slips

It's Crop Mob Time!

We need your help!  As I mentioned last week, our garlic crop is ahead of schedule and the time is NOW for harvest!  If you would like to have a fun day at the farm and help bring in the garlic, we are having TWO Crop Mob Days next week:  Monday and Tuesday (6/15 and 6/16).   The tasks vary from getting the garlic out of the field to readying it for hanging in the barn.  We'll start both days at 9 and will work until mid-afternoon -- we'll provide lunch.  There is a limit of 10 people per day and all volunteers must be at least 14.  If you are interested in volunteering, please reply to this email or call 336-994-2517 -- we need to know how many people to plan on each day.  Garlic harvest is a lot of fun -- you get an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at one of our farm's key crops and get to meet some really neat people!

Crop Mob from 2013


Market Updates

Our tables will be full of all kinds of goodies this week!  As usual we'll be at Cobblestone Farmers Market at Old Salem (Saturday, 9-noon) and King Farmers Market at the YMCA (Wednesday, 11-1). There will be lots of Fresh Garlic (Music and Inchelium Red), garlic scapes, Black Raspberries, 2 types of salad mix  -- mixed lettuce and the "Fancy Pants Blend" (lettuce-frissé-wild spinach-edible flower blend), Swiss Chard, artichokes, napa cabbage, lamb's quarters, frissé, Allium flowers and garlic granules -- all Certified Organic!  We MAY have some red raspberries and strawberries.  And we'll also have our full assortment of tasty jams -- not too early to think about Father's Day gifts!

Freshly harested garlic     Allium Flower in the field

Have you seen the lightning bugs yet??  I first saw them in late April and then they went away when it got so dry.  They are coming back now since we've had a bit of rain.  Check out this great project which enlists regular folks to help count lightning bugs (aka fireflies).  We just missed the first census evening but the next one is scheduled for July 4!


Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray 

One More Chance Summer Plant Sale This Saturday!

In case you missed our Plant Sale this past weekend, we are giving you one more chance!  We are extending our Plant Sale by one more day -- Saturday, May 8 from 10-2.  
Although we moved through a lot of plants last weekend, we still have a great selection.

You'll find oodles of Certified Organic transplants including tomatoes (50+ varieties), peppers, eggplant, squash (summer and winter), herbs, blackberry and raspberry plants, flowers and LOTS MORE!  We'll also have organic soil amendments and potting soil to get your garden up and growing.

Click here for a complete plant list.

Get Ready for PlumFresh 2021!

UPDATE!  We are currently sold out!  But, we are building a waiting list so we encourage you to go ahead and get in line.  We anticipate having additional space a bit later in the season and we will add on additional members from our Wait List.

Registration for the 2021 Season is NOW OPEN!  PlumFresh is our own twist on a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  It is flexible and customizable -- and you don't have to pay for the entire season upfront.  Click here for more information!  Ready to sign up now?  Click here!

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