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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Hay Days

Posted 5/30/2014 8:16am by Cheryl Ferguson.


Happy Friday, Farm Friends!

Isn't it interesting that so many sayings in our language are based in agriculture?  For example, "make hay while the sun shines" usually means getting things done while you have a chance to do them.  But like most sayings, this one does have a literal meaning.  The sun has been shining and hay-making equipment and trailers have been buzzing up and down the roads around us over the past week.  The dry, warm weather gave farmers perfect conditions for haying.  And this week, that's what we did!  After a break of a couple years to clean up brush from the land, we made hay on several of our old pastures.  This year we hit the sweet spot in terms of timing -- the seed heads were in perfect condition for a high quality feed. Our fields are mostly fescue and clover with some lespedeza and orchard grass that my brother added to the mix a decade ago.  Nice hay -- and certified organic to boot!  On Monday, we helped a small farmer from Morganton load a 24' Budget truck with hay for his livestock -- in case you are ever on Jeopardy and need to know, 160 bales of hay will fit in one of these trucks!  Here are a few photos from our hay days:

Pasture with freshly baled hay   Picking up hay  Elliot & Emma hay ride

We finally got the tomatoes planted -- over 1/4 acre of future deliciousness!  There are 33 varieties of fruits, slicers and paste tomatoes. The good news is that everything is all set with irrigation and is trellised!  And the field looks really good!

Flat Shaols tomato field  Emma with tiny Indigo Rose tomato

Volunteers still needed!  Thanks to several of you for volunteering to help with the upcoming Triad Farm Tour sponsored by the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (June 7 & 8).  We still need a few more folks to help.  If you are available to volunteer here at the farm on either Saturday or Sunday (2-6), we would be most appreciative! Please send us an email if you would like to help!  It's going to be lots of fun!

Market Update:  What will you find on our tables this week?  We'll have lots of Certified Organic garlic scapes (and lots of recipes), sugar snap peas (best ever!), baby kale, baby swiss chard, salad mix (new lower price), baby beets (few), pea shoots, bunching onions (purple and white), broccoli raab, blackberry & black raspberry plants, transplants (tomatoes, tomatillos, basil and other herbs, peppers and eggplant), garlic powder and MORE! 

We are happy to save an item for you in advance if you'd like.  Just shoot us an email before the market.

Savor the last days of May -- go outside and see the lightning bugs!  I've been seeing them now for about 3 weeks! Talk to you next week.

Cheryl & Ray

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