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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update - It's Farm Tour Time!!

Posted 6/6/2014 8:59am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Happy Friday, Farm Friends!  Welcome June!

You know how it is when you are getting ready for company -- there's a long list of things to do (vacuum, dust, wash windows, etc.)  Imagine expecting company for your whole farm!  Yikes!  So a lot of this week has been spent in trying to get things tidied up around the place for the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association's 1st Annual Triad Farm Tour.  We finally got the Demo Garden area planted and are working on lots of other cool things for our guests.  Ray & I have mapped out a really nice guided tour that will point out interesting things about the farm and you can get a peek into how we do things here.  We'll have other activities including a hayride, pick-your-own pea patch, and a kids' planting area.  There will be raspberry & blackberry snowcones along with goodies from BeNutty Bakes and Butters.  We'll even have our market tent chock-full of produce, plants and garden supplies.  And the weather is supposed to be great!  The hours are 2-6 on Saturday and Sunday and the cost is $25 in advance, $30 at the door -- the cost covers an entire carload for both days of the tour (this is a fundraiser for CFSA).  We'd love to have you visit us -- and I'll bet the other 16 farms from Stokes, Forsyth, Surry, Yadkin and Guilford Counties would too! 

Carolina FArm Stewardship Association's Traid Farm Tour logo

In other activities this week, we have been trying to take care of some problems before they become disasters.  One was tackling the Colorado Potato Beetles (CPB) on the potatoes.  Last year we were seriously plagued by CPB (and other things) and lost our crop.  This year we have been much more proactive in management by scouting and removing the eggs, larvae and adults by hand.  Despite this intensive effort, on Monday, we realized that we had to resort to more drastic measures -- spraying.  There are several organically approved sprays that we can use so we turned to one that we had in stock -- Entrust, a spray containing spinosad.  The results were amazing -- we went from heavy infestation to lots of dead CPB.  Wow.  We now have hope for a great potato crop (coming in about a month!).  Here's a look at the level of problems we faced -- the shot of the hand is from one plant:

Potato plant with lots of Colorado Potato Beetles  Hand full of CPB

Market Update:  What will you find on our tables this week?  We'll have lots of Certified Organic garlic scapes (and lots of recipes), sugar snap peas (best ever!), baby kale, baby swiss chard, salad mix, baby beets (few), bunching onions (purple and white), broccoli raab (little bit), blackberry & black raspberry plants (LAST week), transplants (tomatoes, tomatillos, basil and other herbs, peppers and eggplant), garlic powder and MORE!  There's a rumor that there may be a few raspberries (shhh!)

We are happy to save an item for you in advance if you'd like.  Just shoot us an email before the market.

Have a wonderful weekend -- get out and enjoy something fun.  And doing a rain dance might not be a bad idea either!  Talk to you next week.

Cheryl & Ray

Pick-Your-Own Blackberries Update

July 14 Update:

No PYO additional events scheduled at this point.  We may have one more during the season but at this point we don't know.  Stay tuned!

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