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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- It's Market Time!

Posted 4/7/2016 3:13pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Thursday! 

Covering the strawberries

Would someone please let the calendar know that she is confused?  Despite it being April, March winds decided to stay around long past their expiration date and the temperatures seem to think it's February!  We hit a low of 28 on Tuesday night and another cold one is expected Saturday.  Times like these send a strawberry grower into a blithering panic.  Our strawberry plants are LOADED with flowers and berries and are very susceptible to a freeze.  We got things covered up on Tuesday and will be covering again tomorrow just to make sure that we don't lose many berries.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

Lots of planting has been going on this week.  We got kale, broccoli raab, escarole, artichokes and leeks into the fields. Then we transitioned the hoophouse from winter greens to summer produce.  The first tomatoes and basil are now tucked into cozy beds in Raz House.

Planting in Flat Shoals  Raz House after removing lettuce  Chris planting tomatoes in Raz House  Raz House with tomatoes

More Bees, Please!

Ray got another package of 10,000 bees from Tate's Apiaries and we got to install them this afternoon.  Not the best day for installing bees into their new home because of the wind but we didn't want them to stay in their transport box (the "bee-mobile") any longer.  It was a great opportunity for Chris and Andrew to have an up-close view of the process.  We are using the beautiful hive body that Jen Garrison gave Ray when she moved to Mebane.  Take a look at this incredible process:

Ray waxing the hive body with beeswax

Waxing the hive body

 Getting ready to open the box

 Getting ready to open the box

Pulling the queen cage out of the box

Pulling the queen cage out of the box

Putting the bees into the hive

Putting the bees into the hive

That's a bunch of bees!

That's a bunch of bees!  At least they have a snack to get them ready to set up housekeeping.  Ray set up a bowl of honey complete with little wooden "piers" to help them get to the honey without drowning.

Putting the lid on the hive

Tucking them into their new home.  Since there are still bees in the transport box, it is propped up against the entrance to the hive so they can find their way inside.

Isn't this the most amazing thing?  And none of us got stung.


Cobblestone Farmers Market Starts This Weekend!

And now for the moment that many of you have been waiting for... Opening Day at the Cobblestone Farmers Market in Old Salem is Saturday (4/9) from 9-noon!   The market is located adjacent to the Single Brothers Garden at the intersection of Salt and West Streets in Old Salem.  For the latest updates on the market, check out Cobblestone's Facebook page.

We are already getting ready for the big day with our first spring garlic harvest of the year!

First spring garlic harvest of 2016

We'll be back in our usual spot (near the intersection of West Street and Old Salem Road).  Our purple tent will be packed with lots of Certified Organic spring goodness including spring garlic, purple and green asparagus (limited amounts), swiss chard, kale, salad mix, red and green lettuce, Pink Beauty & White Icicle radishes, salad turnips, garlic powder and granules, tulips, tomato transplants, and strawberry hanging baskets!  And we will also have our delectable jam!  We hope to see you there on Saturday -- bundle up and come on down to Old Salem!

Just a few reminders of upcoming dates:

Hang on to your hats, bundle up -- and be patient about planting those tender plants outside -- it's still 8 more days until the official frost-free date (we hope!)

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

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