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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- June Is Jumpin'

Posted 6/5/2015 8:08am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday! 

And Happy World Environment Day!  As organic farmers, we work to protect the planet every day through our farming practices.  And by your support of organic farms, you help protect our fragile planet as well.  Thank you!

I read this week that June is the busiest month for farmers.  I'm not sure if it is the busiest for us, but it sure has a long to-do list!  We try to balance harvesting crops for market with keeping the crop pipeline filled so that we can keep bringing great organic products to you.  It's a tough balancing act -- especially when you add berries to the mix.  Harvesting a fair-sized crop every other day can get in the way of much additional activity!

Berries -- those sweet little packages of flavor and joy!  We love growing them for you -- and you sure seem to love them back!  The strawberries are moving towards the exits while our red raspberries ("Prelude") and black raspberries are starting to make their appearance on stage.  "Prelude" is a very early and late berry -- but we are transitioning it to be early only in order to avoid those nasty spotted wing fruit flies that plague later season crops.  It has a pretty concentrated harvest so we should be getting them for a couple of weeks -- the rain we've had really plumped them up over last week's berries!

Prelude raspberries in a box

So what's a black raspberry?  We get that question a lot from folks -- especially those who have not grown up in areas where they are more prevalent.  They go by several names including black capsthimbleberry,and scotch cap.  The flavor is unique -- richer than a red raspberry with a sweet-tart taste.  The plants are quite thorny and as such, are more difficult to pick than a raspberry or our thornless blackberries.  We seem to be one of the few growers of black raz in our area -- and these little jewels have a loyal following!  Black raspberries are just starting to ripen so we hope to have them at market next week.  We grow two varieties -- Jewel, which is ripening now, and Mac Black.  If you haven't tried these special berries, make sure that you add them to your market list!

Black raspberry

In other crop news, the garlic will need to be harvested earlier this year due to the dry spring conditions (we didn't get irrigation to it).  Keep an eye out for an announcement for our Garlic Crop Mob!  It's a great way to have lots of fun, meet people -- and do a VERY useful job for the farm!

Garlic crop mob

And take a look at this!  Tomatoes!!!!!!

Hand full of Red Pearl tomatoes

Our scrumptious Red Pearl tomatoes are starting to produce in the hoop house! Ray has been spending a lot of time there trying to wrangle the plants and get them trellis and pruned.  His hands are proof of the work!

Ray with tomato hands

Market Updates

Full tables will abound!  As usual we'll be at Cobblestone Farmers Market at Old Salem (Saturday, 9-noon) and King Farmers Market at the YMCA (Wednesday, 11-1). There will be lots of garlic scapes, sugar snap peas (last week), 2 types of salad mix  -- mixed lettuce and the "Fancy Pants Blend" (lettuce-frissé-wild spinach-edible flower blend), head lettuce, beets (baby & full-size), Swiss Chard, White Russian kale bunches, raspberries, artichokes, napa cabbage, lamb's quarters, garlic granules, and a limited number of strawberries (limit 1 quart per customer) -- all Certified Organic!  And we'll also have our full assortment of tasty jams.

As the calendar turns to June, we are treated to the first blooms of our farm's namesake -- appropriately found growing by the farm sign!

1st Plum Granny flower of the year

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray 

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