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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- March Madness Edition

Posted 3/7/2015 11:46am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Saturday!

Yes, with March comes the Madness.  The ACC Tourney (and those other also-rans too), the weather (in like a lion -- or is it like a lamb?), the farm chores...

March is when things really get kicked up a notch or two here on the farm.  Plants start growing more rapidly as the day length increases (weeds as well) and the daily to-do list takes on a whole new heft.

And the weather.  Bouncing from 74 on Wednesday to snow and a high of 34 on Thursday.  Ah, late winter!

Right now, the busiest place on the farm is the greenhouse.  We are starting to run out of space in our "inner sanctum" for seed trays.  Not surprising given that there are 8,959 onions, 1,061 tomatoes, 929 peppers, 808 shallots, 731 leeks, 438 artichokes, 432 lettuce, 384 kale, 384 frissé plus basil, cilantro, sorrel, spinach and eggplant (and I'm probably missing some).  And we are just getting started!!

Tomato sprouts in greenhouse

A new item that we'll have this year will be hanging baskets of strawberries for Mother's Day.  The seedlings that we planted this fall from our cuttings are doing very well.  In fact, we have to frequently trim off the flowers because we don't want them to fruit so young.

Strawberry plants

A "just in time" task this week was to get a gutter on the side of the hoophouse.  We have been plagued with water running into a corner of the house due to bad drainage along the north side.  This was actually one of the reasons we lost our original planting of raspberries there.  Ray and Chris did a great job in getting the gutter in place just before the deluge on Thursday!

Drainage problem at Raz House    Chris and Ray work on gutter    Chris attaching downspout

Another big project this week has been to get the ginger, turmeric and galangal going for pre-sprout. Our friends Andy & Lisa came over on Sunday and helped us cut the rhizomes into properly sized pieces for planting.  Before they are planted in the grow bags in the greenhouse, the rhizomes spend about 4-6 weeks in a warm and humid environment to wake up the growing points and get them ready to grow.  Now the milkhouse is all cozy and our little plants are starting their adventure.  Harvest is only 7-8 months away!

    Turmeric ready for presprout

Spring keeps getting closer.  On Tuesday night, I heard the peepers down by the lower pond and the robins arrived yesterday!  Only 2 more weeks until Equinox!

Don't forget to spring forward tonight -- more daylight into the evening!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray (and Biker Dude Ajo)

Biker Dude Ajo

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