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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Marching Into Madness

Posted 3/6/2016 11:37am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Sunday!

The business (and busy-ness) of farming really goes into overdrive in March.  As the temperatures warm and the days brighten, farmers kick things up a notch to get ready for the soil preparation, planting, weeding and harvesting days ahead. Let's take a quick (virtual) walk around and see some of the things that are happening:

Mom's daffodils are starting to show their sunny yellow.

Mom's daffodils

The grape vines and the apple trees waiting to be pruned this week.

Apple & grapes waiting to be pruned

We are removing the primocane raspberries (fall-bearing) and are replacing them with a great early summer-bearing variety (Prelude), more black raspberries and a new blackberry (Osage).  Here are the beds getting ready to be prepared for an early April planting.

Raz 1 rows getting ready for planting

The hoophouse (aka Raz House) is full of beautiful plants!  Kale, lettuce, chard, radishes, tat soi (and Detroit!).  The peas are starting to put out tendrils so it is time to get them trellised.

Beautiful colors in Raz House  Snow peas and radishes in Raz House  Tat soi & Detroit in Raz House

Here are some of our potatoes waiting to be planted - still have 150 pounds of additional fingerlings coming!  Should be planting by the Equinox.

Potatoes in the walk-in waiting for planting

Look at this tomato!  We have absolutely no idea what variety it is -- it was growing in a bucket at the garage until December. We rescued it and moved it to the greenhouse.  Later this week it will be our first tomato plant in Raz House!

Tomato plant

The greenhouse is working VERY hard!  There's a forest of onions, an army of artichokes and lots more!  And we are adding more seeding trays every day.  We will be potting up tomatoes this week and finishing the initial seeding of field tomatoes.  Getting ready for our big Open Greenhouse Day on April 17! (Mark your calendar!)

Sea of onion transplants  Artichoke seedlings  Shishito pepper babies  Tomato seedlings ready to be potted up  Strawberries for hanging baskets  Seeding NM chile peppers

Plum Fresh!

We are just plum tickled over your response to our Plum Fresh! Harvest Subscription Program!   We've gotten LOTS of interest, and subscription registrations are coming in!  This week we've been working out some of the details and now have a registration form on our website.   This program lets you get a weekly box of farm-fresh organic veggies, fruits and specialty items without the big up-front charges and with the flexibility of getting a box when you want it -- going on vacation for a few weeks, no problem!  Only want early season veggies?  No problem!  Click here for more details!  We will be offering a limited number of subscriptions this season, so get your registration in today!

On Tuesday (3/8), there will be a Total Solar Eclipse! Unfortunately it won't be visible in North America but if you are a real eclipse nerd (like us!), you might be interested in a live video feed of the occurrence provided by The Old Farmer's Almanac.  Totality begins at 7:37 PM EST, when the Moon will completely block out the Sun's light and enshroud the coverage area in darkness.   You can watch the broadcast at their Eclipse page starting at 6:00 p.m.

That's it for this week!  And is it true that March comes in like a lamb?

AB and BB in the pasture

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

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