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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- May Your Days Be Garlicky and Bright!

Posted 12/20/2016 8:03am by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Tuesday!

Don't worry -- you didn't sleep through an entire week of Holiday preparations (even though you might want to!)  Our days are a bit turned around.  But isn't that what the Holidays do to one's schedule?  Or maybe we just got distracted by some rather incredible sunsets!

Amazing winter sunset

So what's been happening on the farm, you might ask?  Lots!  As we move into the true beginning of winter, there is still a bunch on our to-do list.  

The biggest news to share is that we finished planting the garlic and shallots!!!  Yay!!  Here's Chris and Ray celebrating the last of the planting in Bee Field last Wednesday (that ham, Ray!):

Ray and Chris after garlic planting

On Thursday, we got the rest of the fresh garlic, spring garlic and shallots planted in the old raspberry beds (don't worry -- we will be planting berries in these beds after we harvest the garlic in the spring!)  We ran out of space in the Bee field and these beds were just too tempting to pass up.  All it took was a quick pass with the Grillo to make them nice and fluffy.

Chris tilling the last garlic beds

And since we always count things around here, our garlic grand total is 18,566 - more or less.  And here's Chris the Planting Machine tucking in those last cloves of spring garlic - Chris, thank you SO much for all of your planting skill and hard work!

Chris planting the last garlic of 2016

Whew!  With that major milestone behind us, it was time to move on to a few other projects.  Since we were in the swing of planting bulbs, it seemed to be a natural extension for Cheryl to plant two beds of tulips and daffodils in the Demo Garden -- expect a riot of color this spring!

Bed full of tulips and daffies

As our hoophouse will be out of commission and rejuvenating itself with cover crops over the next few months, we needed to create a mini-hoophouse for the frissé that had already been planted.  No problem -- we've got this one covered (literally and figuratively!)

Working on the mini-tunnel  Rhubarb Bed cover

Spotted:  Santa's Helpers in Purple Hats!

Boxes ready for shipment

We've been busy shipping gifts A-L-L over the country this week and would love to help you with your last-minute gifts!  Share your love of local food with friends and family near and far...without leaving your house!  Our jams, garlic braids and gift boxes are ready for giving and are perfect as a hostess gift, a teacher, or even for yourself!  Check out our online store and see what we have to offer -- we've just restocked our Raspberry-Baby Ginger Jam!  Looking for a custom option?  Give us a call (336-994-2517) or send us an email (farm@plumgrannyfarm.com) and we can put something together for you!  We'll be happy to take care of shipping (along with our friends at USPS) -- but better hurry!  

And to all a Good Night....

As we move towards the shortest day of the year, it is time to slow down a bit and take some rest.  Maybe we need to take a few lessons from Gesti who always finds that perfect ray of sunshine for her nap spot.

Gesti in the sunshine sweet spot

Or Detroit, who can make even a pile of garlic stems seem like the perfect pillow (just like his brother, Ajo).

Detroit napping by the garlic

This is our last Weekly Update for the year -- we're taking a few days off to relax over the Holidays (our animals model such good behavior and try to teach us some lessons!)  We appreciate you reading this newsletter and passing it along to your friends.  We are so thankful of your support of our farm and your interest in what we are doing.  Your comments about these newsletters and our products really help us do what we do.  We cherish your words of support and encouragement as well as your business!  And most of all, we are most grateful for your friendship and trust.

Here's wishing you the most wonderful Holiday Season ever!  Joyous Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and all good wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year!! 

Ray decorating the sign    Plum Granny Farm sign all decked out

Until 2017,

Cheryl & Ray along with Gesti, Detroit, Brix, BB, Tony and RingBob

Okra Angel



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