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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Mother's Day Pick Your Own & Plant Sale!

Posted 5/8/2015 6:40am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday! 

We've really been enjoying the gorgeous weather this past week -- haven't you?  It's nice to have a real spring!

In case you are wondering, we made it through Garlic-a-palooza relatively unscathed!  We actually got through the entire process and had the boxes ready to go before 8:00 p.m. on Monday evening -- a far cry from last year's marathon session that went deep into the night (and wee morning hours).  We owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Chris & Jen -- the A+ team really knocked it out of the park this year!!  Go Team Plum Granny!!

Chris & Ray washing garlic      Boxes of garlic in walk-in

Left:  The power washing duo of Chris & Ray -- these guys can wash 25+ pounds per hour each -- a good thing when you have to wash over 525 pounds!  Right:  If someone was looking for cabbage in these boxes, they'd be in for a garlicky surprise!


It always takes a day or so to recover from the 'Palooza but we have been filling our time in harvest mode -- picking strawberries!  Last week, the season was just beginning but now we are really in the midst of it.  We'll have more berries at markets this week and have scheduled a Mother's Day Pick-Your-Own Strawberry & Open Greenhouse Day for Sunday, May 10 from 1-4.  This is bound to be a popular event so come early!  Our berries are Certified Organic AND no-spray -- and incredibly delicious! 


Big strawberry in hand

The strawberries will be a main attraction but we still have lots of plants, so our Greenhouse will be open as well!  We have a great selection of heirloom tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, herbs, berry plants, other veggies and a few ginger plants.  Now is the time to plant these warm weather favorites!  How about an herb garden for your Mom?

If we're not out picking, we're noticing that lots of things are happening in the fields -- here's a preview of coming attractions (from left:  sugar snap peas, Prelude raspberries, artichokes, Ouachita blackberries, garlic scapes)

Sugar snap pea flower  Prelude raspberries  Tavor artichokes  Ouachita blackberries  Elephant garlic scapes


Market Updates

The tables will be full of fresh Spring favorites this week with some items taking a final bow.  There will be asparagus (green & purple--likely the last week), spring garlic (last week), salad mix, baby beets, baby kale, White Russian kale bunches, strawberries, garlic powder and granules, along with basil, tomato, pepper and herb transplants, and blackberry and black raspberry plants -- all Certified Organic!  We'll also have our full assortment of jams (don't forget:  Moms LOVE jam!).

Take advantage of "Eat What You Want Day" on May 11 -- chocolate-dipped strawberries perhaps?

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Ajo in strawberries

Cat?  What cat?


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