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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update - No Old Salem Market This Week!

Posted 10/31/2014 10:13am by Cheryl Ferguson.


Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday & Happy Halloween!

Quick Market Update:  We will NOT be at the Cobblestone Old Salem Farmers Market tomorrow due to the predicted stormy conditions.  The weather forecast for the day is quite bleak and although the market will be open as scheduled, we will not be there.  Drippy wet garlic braids and garlic powder paste are not things that we want to sell (and we think you wouldn't want to buy them either!)  We will be back at Old Salem next week (11/8) and through the rest of the market season there (11/22). As a reminder, the King Farmers Market closed for the season on Wednesday.

Rainy fall day

Despite the impending cold, wet blustery conditions, we are looking forward to some rain.  Things are quite crunchy around the farm so we have been irrigating a lot to get our new transplants off to a good start. The bok choy is settling in well!

Bok Choy transplants in Daddy's Garden

The dry weather has been great to get fields ready for fall planting and cover crops.  Ray has been spending lots of time in the tractor(s) seat(s) (we borrow tractors from several relatives to be able to do all of this work). He has been disking, tilling and spreading leaves.  This morning he is off to NC A&T to borrow a bedshaper to make beds for our garlic and shallots.  We'll also use it to prepare a few beds for next spring -- it always helps to have a few beds ready to go in the early spring when it is usually too muddy and wet to work the soil.  Here's a photo of Ray spreading leaves where we will be planting shallots next week.

Sreaking leaves in Flat Shoals

Good news on the strawberry front!  We have almost doubled the number of plants!  The plants that we had from last year (which were rooted from plants that we had 2 years ago) were doing SO well that we decided to go ahead and keep them for 2015.  They are strong and healthy -- and even producing lots of flowers.  We didn't have the heart to till them up so we weeded, fertilized and they are ready to grow even more over the winter.  As you recall, we lost a lot of our plants last winter due to the weather and the deer but many of them recovered and flourished over the summer.  The strawberries are all safely behind an electrified fence and we will probably be getting a field blanket to keep them a bit warmer over the winter.  But feast your eyes on this -- there's even fruit on some of the plants now (and it's tasty!)  Keep your fingers crossed for next year's crop!

Fall strawberry

More next week on plans for upcoming markets and events.  We have lots in store for you!

Hope you have a safe and fun Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. I think it's a great weekend for some winter squash soup, don't you?

Ajo in Poppa Johnnie's apple tree

Until our next edition,

Cheryl & Ray

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