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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update - Pop-Up Tomorrow!

Posted 12/11/2015 10:26am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday! (We're back on schedule)

It's a foggy morning here at the farm...

Foggy morning at the farm

With the temperatures this week feeling more like October than December, it has been a great week to get field work done.  Most of the focus has been on garlic (surprise!) but we also are getting other areas ready to planting.  We added leaves to the hoophouse in preparation for some of the winter greens we'll be growing there.  It's a tricky process -- we have to cut away part of the covering and dump in the leaves with the tractor bucket.  Since the tractor can't go inside the hoophouse, we have to rake out the leaves from one end to another.  We didn't need any help sleeping on Monday night, for sure!

Adding leaves to Raz House

For the garlic, we decided to use the beds that tomatoes were in this summer.  It gave us some ready-made planting beds in some fairly good soil.  We had planned on having that field in cover crops for about a year but it is so difficult to come up with open land for such a large crop like garlic.  It is especially difficult when you are trying to rotate crops and fields and not plant the same crop in a field more often than every 3 years. 

To get the field ready, we added leaves to the beds, amended with organic fertilizer and tilled with the walk-behind tractor (the Grillo).  Since we had such problems with grass in that field this year, we needed to burn down the grass in the aisles with the flame weeder before we added amendments.  The result?  Beds that are fluffy, gorgeous and easy to plant!  Take a peek!

Burning down the grass in aisles  Adding leacves in the beds to South  Chris tilling up the garlic beds with the Grillo

So now with the beds nicely prepped, all we have to do is finish cracking garlic and plant!  We've already got about 5,000 in the ground (only 14,000 plus the spring garlic left to go!)  Easy-peasy!

Holly Jolly Jam-boree! 

Don't forget!  One last chance to pick up a few last minute farm-fresh Holiday gifts at our Pop-Up Market at the farm greenhouse tomorrow (12/12) from 9-noon.  We'll have lots of Jams (Old Fashioned Raspberry, Old Fashioned Blackberry, Raspberry-Baby Ginger, Raspberry-Chipotle, Raspberry-Cranberry, Yam's Jam Sweet Potato Butter - several in stocking stuffer sizes), our Famous Raspberry-Chipotle Molé Sauce, Jam Gift Boxes, Garlic Lovers Gift Boxes, beautiful garlic braids, and fragrant Paperwhite Narcissus.

Close-up of paperwhite narcissus flower

We'll have a few veggies including Sweet Potatoes (Garnet and Covington), fresh Baby Turmeric and Garlic Powder & Granules, Garlic Sampler bags and culinary garlic.  

Fresh Organic Baby Turmeric

So mark your calendar and take care of your Holiday shopping list at the farm.  This is our last event until January.  We sure appreciate you shopping local!

And remember that we are happy to ship any of our jam or garlic products.  Check out our website to order and let us take care of the hassle of shipping your gifts.  A taste of Plum Granny Farm is a mighty tasty way to send Holiday greetings to your loved ones. Jam ready to ship

We know the Holiday Season is an especially crazy time of the year but make sure that you take the time to celebrate the traditions that are important to you.  Ray and I have been trying to do a few more things this year to make the Season more real. Last night we were fortunate to be able to attend the Candle Tea in Old Salem. It was Ray's first visit and I hadn't been since elementary school. Very special service in an incredible place.  The volunteers do an amazing job!  This is the last weekend for the Candle Tea - go check it out!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

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