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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update - Potatoes & Strawberries Edition

Posted 10/10/2014 12:02pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Beautiful day on the farm!  Sunny, pleasant breeze -- sounds like a great day to harvest potatoes!  Yes! We are harvesting some of our LaRatte fingerling potatoes today.  They are coming out a bit early because Ray noticed some late blight last week.  In just a week's time, it appears that the blight has spread from a small section to nearly 2/3 of the field.  In the case of late blight, the potatoes aren't infected (nor is there any change in their taste) but the leaves -- which are the sugar factories that enable tuber growth -- die off quickly.  There's really no advantage to leaving them in the ground so we'll get out most of them today (and will have them at market tomorrow!)

LaRatte Fingerling Potatoes

Progress is being made for the 2015 Strawberry Field -- the holes are burned in the fabric, straw has been rolled out in the aisles and some planting has begun.  By close of day on Monday, 2000+ strawberry plants will be in the ground!  Here's Jen, Chris & Elliot rolling out the bale:

Rolling out the straw bale in the strawberries

As autumn settles in, deer are starting to become more curious about what's on the buffet line here at Plum Granny Farm.  The strawberries, beans and sweet potatoes are nicely protected behind an electrified fence but there are several other plantings that don't have that protection.  Last night it appears that the sweet potatoes in the demo garden were on the evening's menu:

Deer damage to sweet potato leaves


Market Update:  

On Saturday, we'll be at Cobblestone Farmers Market at Old Salem (9-12).  On Wednesday, find us at the King Farmers Market at the Stokes Family YMCA (11-1).  What will you find on our tables? Garlic in all forms!  Last week we had the first batch of our beautiful garlic braids available -- there will be more this week!  Wouldn't one of these decorative and functional braids look great in your kitchen?  And they make great gifts too -- special orders are available!  There are 10 bulbs of delicious Nootka Rose garlic in each braid.  Nootka Rose is Cheryl's favorite roaster and they are VERY long-lasting.

Garlic braid

We'll also have the first of our varietal Garlic Powder and Garlic Granules (Spanish Roja & Music) and bags of Music Seed Garlic for planting.  Culinary garlic will be on the table as well -- Elephant, Music, Inchelium Red, Chesnok, Purple Italian (Last Week!), and Lorz Italian.

The tomatoes are still on the menu but in much smaller quantity!  We'll also have those delicious Striped Romans, heirloom slicers, saladette tomatoes, and pints of Red Pearl grape tomatoes.  Just a few more snap green beans (Rattlesnake Pole)!  There will be Aji Dulce (the sweet habanero) and shishito peppers, and okra (green & burgundy), and those yummy LaRatte fingerling potatoes -- all Certified Organic!  In the Jam Department, we are all stocked up! 

As a reminder, if there is anything that you would like for us to hold for you at market just let us know by e-mail, by the evening before, and we will be glad to put it aside for you.

And since so many of you like to see our crazy cats -- here's another picture.  I like to call this "Ajo Squared."

Ajo in the garlic leaves

Until our next edition,

Cheryl & Ray

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