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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- September Sizzle

Posted 9/9/2016 8:23am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Hints of Fall tease us with delicious tastes of cooler weather -- ah!  And then we get blasted with 96+ degree temps!  What?  I guess we just have to be patient, huh?

As the temperatures swing, we are at an in-between time in terms of crops.  Most of the pumpkins came out of the field on Monday and are curing in the barn -- we couldn't leave them in the field since the place was crawling with squash bugs! All in all it was a respectable harvest for a first year's effort. 

Harvesting pumpkins

Here are some of the pumpkins putting on their final color in the sun -- the rest are tucked away in the barn loft.

Pumpkins curing in the sun

While some things are coming out of the field, others still wait for their harvest moment like this Delicata Winter squash...

Delicata winter squash

And green beans -- LOTS of flowers hopefully mean LOTS of beans!

Green bean flowers

We've even got Snow Peas planted in the hoophouse -- tucked alongside of the Ancho peppers and some Rosie basil.  It's an experiment for a fall crop.

Snow peas in the hoophouse

Waiting in the wings are lots of transplants of kale, chard, beets, frisse and lettuce to be planted out soon.

Transplants in the greenhouse

In addition to seeding, planting, weeding, mowing and harvesting, there are lots of building and repair projects underway here at the farm.  It seems that we have had the circular saw and other tools out a lot over the past couple of weeks -- and that is good!  One of our projects is to build a storage shed on the greenhouse for storing seed trays and supplies.  It's amazing how much space is taken up by these things inside the greenhouse!  We hope to knock this one off the to-do list early next week!

Ray working on the greenhouse shed

And we can't forget out Kitten Rehab project!  We were able to get Ringbob Grey Pants (we keep adding to his name!) in a crate and have been working to acclimating him to people (he's eating out of my hand now).  He's doing very well and Detroit has been a great help to this process (especially since it means that he gets canned cat food as a reward!)

Ringbob and toy

Market Update

We'll be at Cobblestone Farmers Market in Old Salem (Saturday) and at the King Farmers Market at the Stokes Family YMCA (Wednesday) with lots of Certified Organic tastiness!  It's a great time for POTATOES!  Try roasting our fingerlings (LaRatte) or standard POTATOES (German Butterball and Bintje) on the grill.  You'll also find Teensy Weensy Taters Boxes, boxes of Creamer Potatoes, Garlic (Red Toch, Music, Georgia Crystal, Purple Italian, the amazing Lahontan and Lorz Italian), Summer Squash, Baby Heirloom Okra (Burgundy and Cajun Jewel), Tomato Fruit Boxes, Sunflower Shoots, a little bit of chard and several herbs:  Rosie Basil, Garlic Chives and Papalo.  For those who are thinking ahead for the Holidays, we’ll be taking orders for Garlic Braids and will have several options to choose from.  Snag a taste of our yummy Garlic Scape Pesto – mangia bene!

We hope to see you at Old Salem from 9-noon and at King from 11-1.  Please note that we may not always have every item at all markets.  If you'd like us to save something for you, please send us an email by 10 p.m. prior to market.

That's it for this week!  Sunday is Grandparents Day, if you are fortunate enough to have them in your life, be sure to pay them a visit or at least give them a call.  Our grandparents were very important as we were growing up.  Both of us owe our farm connection to grandparents -- Ray to his maternal grandparents in Kansas and Cheryl to her paternal grandparents who farmed the land that we farm now. We miss them and sure wish we could have them here -- we'd definitely be asking them millions of questions!

Talk with you soon,

Cheryl & Ray

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