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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Spring Countdown Begins!

Posted 2/19/2016 8:31am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

The calendar says that Spring is a month away but as a farmer, it feels so much closer.  One of our favorite parts of the year is ordering seeds and spreading them out once they have arrived.  It is like Christmas morning for a 4-year-old!  We've been busy inventorying our stock of seeds and making new selections while our mail carrier has been busy shuttling them to our porch.  Here's just a bit of the haul that we have so far!

Lots of packs of seeds

We're trialing some new seeds this year and are very excited about them!  A few include fava beans (several people requested these), purple snap beans, and some new tomatoes.  And a couple of favorites are back including Roselle and Pequillo Pimento Peppers!  Honestly, it is like a kid in the candy store!!  And now it's time to get planting!

The seeds that are already in the greenhouse are doing great.  These tomatoes are almost ready to be potted up into larger containers.  Coming to your salad in June!

Tiny tomato seedlings

The turmeric and ginger are all nicely tucked into the toasty-warm (83 degrees) milk house starting their pre-sprout journey.  A big thank-you to Andy & Lisa for helping us get all of the seed pieces placed into trays, covered and shuttled to the milk house on a cold, snowy Sunday afternoon!

Ray filling tray with ginger seed pieces  Some of the ginger ready to be covered and put in the milkhouse

The week hasn't all been about seeding. Thanks to Chris, we are making progress on getting the black raspberries and strawberries ready for spring and summer!  He has been a busy guy with his clippers!

Chris tying the black raspberries  Row of black raspberries after pruning  Chris clearing & weeding the strawberries

We had a great time at our Valentines Holiday Market last weekend!  Even though the bitter cold kept some folks away, our guests were treated to a nice warm greenhouse (we even had to open up the sides because it was too warm!) and great gifts!  Thanks for braving the chill!

Nice & warm in the greenhouse  Shopping with Greenberries Farm

Please help us find TK a home!

TK's view of the world

TK did not find his Valentine this past weekend but we are sure that special someone is right around the corner.  Please share this information (check Facebook too) with your friends, neighbors & co-workers.  TK is a ~9 months old neutered male --a silky-soft tabby that is very affectionate and has a wonderful purr.  He needs a good indoor home. We really have to find a home for him ASAP -- our dog is not tolerant of cats!

Enjoy the warmer weekend -- and enjoy National Love Your Pet Day (2/20).  Brix says a good meal is always a great way to say, "I love you!"

Brix and her dinner

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

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