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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- 🍓 Strawberry Fields Forever 🍓

Posted 10/17/2019 9:56am by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Do you see it?  Look closely, now.  It's a whole field of strawberries!

Okay, it takes a farmer's imagination to turn a completely blank field into something that resembles this:

But that is what WE see!

This week, preparing for the 2020 Strawberry harvest started in earnest.  We headed off to Pittsboro to visit our friends at Country Farm and Home Supply to get the strawberry transplants we ordered a couple of months ago.  We packed up Junior the Van with a whole bunch of bulb crates so we could carefully stack 44 trays of plants.

After we loaded up with strawberries, we had to stop for a quick cup o' Joe from our favorite Pittsboro coffee shop, Davenport's Café Diem.  It's a great place to grab a delicious cup to go (or stay, if you prefer).

Once we got back to the farm and unloaded our 2,200 plants,

it was time to get moving on getting the landscape fabric up in the old field.  This has been our strawberry field for 5 years and it was really strange to watch the fabric come off and see the soil.  This little corner of the farm looks a LOT different now -- just wait until it is filled with garlic later this fall!

The next step is getting the new field prepared.  Ray spread fertilizer and manure on the field (courtesy of our hay-burners, Cara and Mia) and we'll get the beds shaped and then covered with the reused landscape fabric from the old field.  Hopefully we will be able to start planting next week.

We'll be heading to Banner Greenhouses in Nebo early next week to get another 800 plants.  Our aim is for 3,000 strawberries for next season.  Can you see it (or taste it?) now?!

Sweet Potato Harvest -- A Record!
We finished the majority of the sweet potato harvest last Friday and it was a doozie!  As we had hoped, we ended up with over 2,300 pounds and, once we re-plow one of the rows, we should top 2,500!  Go Team Plum Granny!


The first harvest of sweet potatoes from a couple of weeks ago is now cured and ready to go -- and we'll have them at market on Saturday!

Cobblestone Farmers Market Update -- ORANGE, GREEN and PINK!
Oh the colors that await you under the Purple and White tents at Cobblestone Farmers Market on Saturday!  We've got  Certified Organic BABY GINGER

We've got delicious Green Beans (in all shapes and sizes).

And an amazing selection of PEPPERS including our delicious Roasted Green Chile.

And don't forget those DELICIOUS Sweet Potatoes!

What a WONDERFUL time of the year!  And we'll have loads of information and recipes to help you make the most of these seasonal favorites!

Details?  Here you go!  In the Pepper Department, we'll have New Mexico (Hatch-type) Green Chile -- fire-roasted or not, beautiful Poblanos, a wide variety of hot peppers (Cayenne, Chinese Five Color, Calabrese/Devil's Kiss, Aji Amarillo, Aji Limo and Serrano) as well as the mild Fushimi and Shishito Japanese Frying Peppers and Sweet Aji Dulce, plus the adorable little Trick or Treats -- they look hot but they are very sweet like a more flavorful bell pepper!

We'll also have a variety of other Certified Organic veggies including Eggplant, Okra, Daikon Radishes, and MORE!  And don't forget Garlic Powder and Ginger Powder!

Just a reminder -- no garlic this week.  Hopefully next week we will have the last of our garlic at market.  Also, it is VERY unlikely that we will have Seed Garlic for sale this year.  Our total crop was just too small.  We are sorry to disappoint those of you who want to buy seed garlic!

As usual, if you'd like us to hold an item for you, please email no later than 7:00 p.m. Friday night and we'll have it waiting for you. 

That does it for this week's news.  Hope you have a great weekend -- keep yourself open to all kinds of invitations!  Ray helped our friends Andy and Lisa with their industrial hemp harvest last weekend -- isn't this what you are supposed to wear to a hemp party?

Oh, and don't forget the Full Hunter's Moon on Sunday!  It's the only moon of the month that is visible from sunset to sunrise.

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

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