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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Sunny, Busy Week!

Posted 1/23/2015 1:52pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Looking out the window on this cold, bleak, rainy day, it's hard to believe how incredibly nice the weather has been this week.  But it was truly wonderful and enabled us to get a lot of things done around the farm.  Lots of pictures today!

The strawberries needed our attention.  There was weeding and mulching to be done.  Then we got them covered with a nice snug field blanket.  We had been resisting getting one of these blankets because of the cost but finally found a good price from an NC dealer.  These blankets are huge -- 26' wide and we cut ours to 149' long.  It covers all of the field except for one row!  The blanket is on just one of the two fields -- we are debating if we want to conduct an experiment between the two fields (intervention and control) or cover both.... We'll let you know!

Strawberry plant with flower    Rolling out the field blanket    Ray and Cousin Blaine holding up the roll

The asparagus beds were also mowed this week.  We mow them with the sickle bar and then rake out all the debris for burning.  Burning the debris off-site helps control pests and diseases that might have been harbored in the foliage.  After this step, we begin the labor intensive process of hand weeding the beds.  Since we are organic, we don't use herbicides like most farms do -- it's very slow, tedious work but we think you appreciate having asparagus without a side of chemicals!

Raking the asparagus beds    Removing the asparagus trimmings from the beds

It sure seems that we are either taking things off of our fields or putting things on them, doesn't it?!  I promised last week to show you how we roll out big round hay bales over the artichoke beds -- I found the photo on Ray's phone! 

Jenn and Cheryl roll out the hay in artichokes

One other major task that got done this week was installing the water line to the hoophouse.  Trying to water the hoophouse was a major chore so we were able to hook up a line from one of our wells to go to a frost-free hydrant inside the building.  We rented a trencher and got 'er done!  Take a look:

Chris and Ray wrestle the trencher     Ray and the trencher    A long ways to go

  Destination Hoophouse  Water!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for our Valentine's Day Event on Saturday, February 14 from 10-2! We are getting our paperwhite narcissus and other things all ready for you!

Paperwhite narcissus in greenhouse

We hope you celebrate National Pie Day today!  Chocolate, lemon, pecan, chicken -- whatever your choice!  After enjoying a nice slice of pie, you could just curl up in a nice warm place, and take a nap -- like Ajo!

Ajo in a tub in Raz House

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

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