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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- That Refreshing Pause!

Posted 8/5/2016 12:37pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday! 

What a strange Friday!  Besides hearing the rain pouring down outside the window, it is so odd to feel...dare I say, relaxed!  Yep, we're in our "Market Pause" so we aren't running around like crazy people trying to get ready for Cobblestone Farmers market tomorrow.  Ahhhh.....

It's not like we are sleeping until noon but we are a bit more on our own time without the pressures of markets directing our activities.

And we're catching up on some things that have been neglected for the past few months.  Like washing the tractor.

Ray washing Jules, the tractor

Here's a quick tour of some of the sightings at the farm this week:

Our Concord grapes are starting to ripen up -- should be good timing for market in a couple of weeks!

Concord grapes starting to ripen

And it's always so great to find bird nests in our plants -- and maybe some of them have an egg...or not!

Bird's nest in grapevine   Fake egg in birds nest

The rain has been making some of the flowers really pop!  The new daylilies finally put up a flower after the initial rain on Tuesday.

Daylily after the rain

And the plum grannies seem to know exactly where to bloom!

Plum granny vine by the Soil & Water Conservation sign

It seems that something has been dining on our corn in the PYO Pumpkin Patch - guess we are going to have to try to trap a raccoon.

Torn up corn in PYO Pumpkin Patch  The evidence

Our friends down the road at Felsbeck Farm have offered to share their tips on corn-munching thieves.  We could learn bunches from them since they grow LOTS more corn than we do!

Tomato Tasting Tonight!

The Winston-Salem Journal is hosting its annual Slice of Summer Tomato Tasting TONIGHT from 7 to 9 p.m. downtown at Sixth and Trade streets.  It's a great chance to try a wide variety of tomatoes from tiny to lunkers and to vote for your favorites.  As usual, we have entered a few varieties.  Last year our Chocolate Drop and Suzanne finished 1st and 2nd in the tasters' voting.  We entered Chocolate Drops, Cherry Blossom (the replacement to Suzanne) and Red Pearl - fingers crossed!  Come on out for a fun evening downtown -- you might even see your farmers wandering around on a date night!

Box of Suzanne tomatoes

Market Updates!

And don't forget -- we will not be at Cobblestone Farmers Market for the next 2 Saturdays (8/6 and 8/13) and we will not be at King Farmers Market on 8/10.

Enjoy the cooler temperatures and rain. 

Talk with you soon,

Cheryl & Ray

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