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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update - The Pause That Refreshes

Posted 7/31/2015 10:15am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Okay.  We give in!  There's been something tugging at us for the past few weeks.  The heat and the humidity have taken their toll (the RealFeel heat index was 107 degrees yesterday).  As Alex Hitt, a fellow farmer from Chatham County, said "you can see the fatigue in the eyes of most of the farmers at market now and we are no different."  Yep, we're pooped and we need a break!  So that's exactly what we are going to do -- it's not a vacation but it will be a "pause."

So here's the deal:  we are taking a break from markets for the next two weeks.  Our crops say they are not ready for prime time so we will listen to them.  We will not be at Cobblestone Farmers Market tomorrow (8/1) or next Saturday (8/8) and we will not be at King Farmers Market on 8/5 or 8/12.

Despite the market pause, we will be doing lots of things around the farm to get it (and us) ready for the busy fall season.  There are fields to ready, plants and seeds to plant, berries to tend, equipment to maintain and our annual Organic Systems Plan to submit.  But it will be different.  We will be a bit more on our schedule and not be driven by market preparation and market days.  It will actually be a break!  Expect to see more cheerful, less stressed and rested farmers when you see us next at market on August 15!

Other Farm Doings

There has been a lot of activity in the fields this week!  We are closing in on getting the tomatoes cleared and giving them some breathing room.  We're getting them all ready for the Winston-Salem Journal's Tomato Tasting next Friday, August 7!

Red Pearl tomatoes in the field      Lollipop tomatoes

The Shishito and chile peppers are coming along nicely!  Roaster time soon!

Shishito pepper plant    Joe E. Parket chile

We are also working on keeping the weeds in check BEFORE they take over.  We have been hoeing the okra, sweet potatoes & beans as well as flame weeding.  But to get the weeds on the side of the beds and in the aisles, a tractor does a good job.  Here's Chris doing some cultivating with the Cub in Flat Shoals.

Chris cultivating Flat Shoals field with the Cub 

And remember the sunflowers that the kids planted during the Farm Tour?  Take a look now -- it's amazing that they are this big at just 3 weeks!

3 week-old Sunflower plants

A Farewell...

We are sad to say goodbye to our terrific employee, Jen Garrison.  Jen started with us in June 2011 and has been a key asset in the 5 seasons that she worked with us.  She has been so many things -- field hand, jam maker, garlic braider, sign maker, idea generator, cheerleader, foodie and most of all, friend.  We'll miss you Jen as you head off to your new job in your new town!  There's always a place for you here!

Jen harvesting turmeric

Market Updates

Don't forget -- we'll be missing markets for the next two weeks but we'll be back at Cobblestone Farmers Market at Old Salem on Saturday, August 15 and King Farmers Market at the YMCA on Wednesday, August 19!


Blue Moon

Take a look in the sky tonight for that rare Blue Moon -- the 2nd full moon of the month.

Moon over the fields on July 30


Stay cool and hydrated!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray 

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