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Plum Granny Farm Weekly Update -- Welcome 2015!

Posted 1/16/2015 10:51am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Happy New Year, everyone!!  Hope the beginning of 2015 has been good for you.  Now that hopefully we are past the flu, breaktime is over and we are kick starting the new year!

The garlic is doing GREAT!  Lots of green out in the field and we have already done some weeding.  Ray took the flame weeder out and eliminated a lot of weeds before they got a chance to get big.  The nice thing about garlic is that you can flame it and even if you nip the leaves with a bit of heat, they still are okay.  Ah, the resiliency of plants!

Ray flame weeding the garlic in winter    Little green garlic fuzz in the field

Another task we have tackled is to get the artichokes ready for winter.  The plants had survived the earlier wintry blasts but we needed to tuck them in for sustained cold.  Our artichokes are started from seed and we are able to get two seasons of production -- nice, huh?  We trimmed back the foliage (in their various states of growth), expanded the hole in the fabric if the crown had gotten a lot bigger than the original hole, and then covered them in a heavy layer of hay.  We roll out big round hay bales over the beds -- makes for an amusing sight (and I don't seem to find our photo!)  But here are a few pictures to show how it's done.

Jen trimming the artichoke - with a little help from Ajo   Artichoke after trimming    Artichoke beds covered in hay

Mark Your Calendar for Our Valentine's Day Event!

On Saturday, February 14 from 10-2, we are hosting our first Valentine's Holiday Market!  We will have lots of our products available in the greenhouse (from jam to flowers) and we'll have other vendors as well.  You’ll find an assortment of ways to treat your Valentine to a nice gift! Stop by and take care of your Valentine’s Day shopping – and keep it local! We'll be sending along more information as we get closer to the date -- but mark your calendar now!

That's all for this week!  There are lots of special days to celebrate over the weekend starting with "Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day" today, or "Winnie the Pooh Day" on Sunday.  More importantly, let's celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday and honor his memory by doing something to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Elves at Work! Our Online Store is Ready to Serve You!

We've been really jammin' so now our online store is fully stocked and waiting for your orders! Click here to go right to the shelves.  You'll find our popular fruit-forward Jams (regular and gift-size jars), Garlic Powder and Granules as well as our new Ginger Powder and Lavender Sachets!  

NEW!  Local customers can order online and arrange to pick up their items at the farm or at the Cobblestone Farmers Market Winter Market.


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