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We've Been Mobbed!!!!!!

Posted 10/25/2010 3:25pm by Cheryl & Ray.

Crop Mob comes to PGF!

Yesterday a whole bunch of folks came to the farm to split bulbs of seed garlic into cloves for planting.  It’s not hard labor, but it sure is time consuming when we’re talking about 650 pounds of garlic bulbs needing to be split, or as garlic growers say, cracked or popped or clove.  So some raspberry and garlic fans from Krankies Framers Market and Slow Food Piedmont and other friends of Yam came to the rescue!  We set up straw bales, cooked up some green chile stew (with Plum Granny organic green chile and onions, and Gary & Kay Owen’s Naturally Grown potatoes), put on some music, and enjoyed a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the NC Piedmont chatting and cracking garlic.  The kids worked on elephant garlic the size of softballs, and they loved having bigger garlic than the grownups.  Then they were off to play Duck Duck Goose and run in the raspberry rows and devour berries wherever they stopped while the rest of us talked and turned bags of bulbs into bags of cloves.  A bit of a farm tour rounded out the day.  Come evening, we were pretty tired and very thankful for that big dent in our pile ‘o seed garlic.  A bushel-full of thanks go out to:

Kay Bergey

The Brockenbroughs

David Brown

Blaine & Pat Ferguson

Don & Paula & Sophie & Ana Jennings

Andrew & Fill Lloyd

Anne Long

Kathy & Matt & Vivian & Nic Mayers

Susan & Harvey Moser (Moser Manor)

Kenneth & Dawn Nelson

Sara Nutter

Jennifer & Lucy Ong

Kay & Gary Owen ((Gary’s Produce)

Pat Sisson

Ken Van Hoy (Rail Fence Farm)

Jim & Michelle & Katherine & Elizabeth Walter (Walter Farm)

Cerole Zellmer

Carol Zerner


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