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Posted 2/13/2015 10:59am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Welcome to crazy, extreme February weather!  From last Sunday's high of 72 to this coming Sunday's predicted low of 10, there's never a dull moment in the weather department!  We are beginning to think that we have been transported to a wind tunnel testing site -- the blow around here has been almost deafening.  The good news is that the cover still is on the hoop house!  Our windspeed  is measured by what we jokingly call our "country anemometer."  It's a metal post with holes in it -- we have a bird feeder mounted on top.  The wind blows through the holes and sing-howls most of the time.  A bit spooky but you get used to it!

Things are still on a bit of a slower schedule here as Ray gets his shoulder back in shape.  But things are still getting done!  On Wednesday, we tackled a task that has been on the list for a while:  replacing the baseboard on the greenhouse.  On an organic farm, you are not allowed to use pressure-treated wood anywhere there is soil contact.  This can be a challenge when you are trying to build things that touch the soil (uh, ...most things!)  When we built the greenhouse 5 years ago, we treated the wood with linseed oil.  That worked for a while but it didn't stand up to the challenges of a greenhouse environment.  We found a product called "PureWood" that is thermally treated in a non-toxic way.  This stuff really lasts!  So Ray was the one-armed advisor as Chris and Jen repaired the south side of the house.  And it looks much better with additional ground cloth to keep the weeds from encroaching in the house.  Take a look:

Jen & Chris work on baseboard        Chris and Jen show off greenhouse

Other things are underway as well.  Seeding has begun in earnest now!  Have over 4500 onions, nearly 400 artichokes, kale, frisée, sorrel and even tomatoes in trays in the "inner sanctum.  And more seeds are on the way!  I love this time of year!

Seed trays in greenhouse

Valentine's Day Market -- TOMORROW!

Tomorrow is the big day!  It's the day for our Valentine's Day Holiday Market from 10-2 in the greenhouse at the farm! We will be joined by four other vendors:  BeNutty Bakes and Butters, Greenberries Farm, author Susan Williamson with her two books (a cozy mystery and a thriller), and bead genius Carol Carroll of Mistletoe Holler!

There will be all kinds of gifts for your sweetie!  Here's what will be on our table:

  • Paperwhite narcissus
  • Windowsill herb gardens
  • Garlic braids
  • Garlic powder and granules
  • Jam (including jam gift boxes)
  • Frisée and lettuce
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Baby Turmeric

We hope you will come out and visit!  The weather is supposed to be sunny and brisk -- but the temperatures will be highest that we'll see for a while!  And we'll be cozy in the greenhouse!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Valentine's Day  -- we definitely LOVE our great customers and friends!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 2/6/2015 10:22am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Thanks so much for all the well-wishes for Ray!  Your kind notes and gifts of homemade nourishment have been greatly appreciated.  Ray continues to make progress although the physical therapy is a painful but necessary chore.

Yes, this week has been quite a wild ride!  The winds have been whipping through the farm with great fury nearly every day.  As we were working on seed planning on Monday afternoon, we happened to notice that the plastic on the hoop house was flapping in the wind.  Oh no!!!!!

We hopped in the truck and ran over to survey the damage, and it wasn't good.  The plastic had a large rip on the back side.  Wiggle-wire and the metal channels that are supposed to hold them (and the plastic covering) were strewn around both inside and outside the house.  Ray and I tried to see if we could pull the plastic down so that it could be reattached, but it was impossible with the wind load.  The plastic was roaring in the wind -- it felt as we were trying to hold on to the sail of a ship in the midst of a squall.  We had to scream at each other to be heard in the cacophony.

Raz House flapping in the wind

There was no point trying to fix it -- so we gave up.  Fetched additional row covers to keep the frisée alive and moved on to deal with all the wind damage to other coverings to the well and low tunnels.  What a major bummer.

The good news is that we have amazing friends that came to the rescue.  On a bright and beautiful (and mostly calm) Wednesday, 8 wonderful volunteers along with our great staff, Chris and Jen, got the house re-covered in record time.  It takes a lot of hands to pull a piece of plastic that is 48' x 45' over a hoop house that is 12' tall.  We had everything ready for our volunteers -- the torn plastic was removed and ropes to pull the plastic were in places.  When they arrived, we were off!  Hopefully the pictures give you a sense of our accomplishment.

Jen reattaching the wiggle wire channels    Chris tossing the rope over the house    Cutting the plastic    Pulling up the plastic    Holding down the side

Matt & Chris attach roof    Nearing the end    Chris and Glen finish the job

The happy crew    Finished Raz House

We are ever so grateful to our friends that came to our aid. Friends helping friends -- that's the way it should be.


New vendor for Valentine's Market

In the midst of all this excitement, we are still preparing for our big Valentine's Day Holiday Market on Saturday, February 14 from 10-2! This event will be held in the greenhouse at the farm.  We will be joined by four other vendors:  BeNutty Bakes and Butters, Greenberries Farm, author Susan Williamson with her two books (a cozy mystery and a thriller), and a new vendor, bead genius Carol Carroll of Mistletoe Holler!

There will be all kinds of gifts for your sweetie -- fragrant paperwhites, potted herbs, jams, yummy baked goods, gourmet peanut butters, handmade wine cork birdhouses and trivets, framed farm art prints on canvas, farm-fresh eggs (Ray's favorites - from Deb, the chicken-whisperer), beaded jewelry (would pearls or crystals be just the thing for your sweetie?), and even a great read full of mystery and romance....

I wish you could smell these....

Beautiful paperwhite narcissus

We hope you will enjoy International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day tomorrow -- although with morning temps in the 'teens, I think we might pass.

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 1/31/2015 1:06pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Saturday!

Thank goodness for a calm, relatively windless day today!  The past few days have been brutal with winds gusting into the 30+ mph range -- a lot!  The farmhouse is sited on a bit of a rise so we really get the brunt of wind coming off the mountain.  Brrrr!

Even with all the wind, our strawberry field blanket held on nice and tight!

Strawberry field blanket after wind

Yes, our newsletter is a bit late this week.  No, we aren't turning into lazy farmers again but rather yesterday we were focused on Ray's shoulder surgery and getting him home and settled.  He had been dealing with increasing pain since August so we finally got it done.  It went well and he should have full range of motion again after he goes through lots of physical therapy and exercise to keep it loose.  There's never a good time to have these things done but winter is far better than any other time of the year for a farmer.  Here is Ray resting with his faithful buddy, Gesti.

Ray recuperating with Gesti

Before we headed off to surgery, we were able to check off a few more things on the to-do list this week.  The raspberries were mowed down and raked.  Most of our red raspberries are primocanes which mean that they fruit on this year's growth.  In order to do that, they need to be cut down to ground level.  We use the sickle bar for most of this but sometimes we have to go back for a little extra pruning.  Here's Chris using a hedge trimmer to tackle the last bits of stubble in a row of Caroline.

Chris trimming the raspberry canes

It's seed-starting time!  So we got the greenhouse all ready for the hundreds of trays that will be planted over the next couple of months.  We have found that instead of using the entire greenhouse for starting seeds, we can keep the seed-starting area warmer and more moist if we partition off a portion (17' x 23') of the greenhouse as a germination chamber.  We lower the ceiling by putting up a sheet of plastic and then enclose the rest of the area with plastic walls as well.  It works great! Take a look at the process:

Putting up the ceiling of the germ chamber    All sides up but one    Completed germ chamber

Our crops in the hoop house are doing pretty well.  We are harvesting frisée every week.  Chef Mark at Meridian Restaurant makes a terrific salad with itUnfortunately most of the lettuce was hit with a bumper crop of aphids so we had to pull it out.  We will be plating beets, salad turnips and spinach in their place.

Frisee in the hoop house

Just 2 more weeks until our Valentine's Day Holiday Market on Saturday, February 14 from 10-2! The paperwhites are growing and even starting to form the first buds and the potted herbs are looking good!  In addition to our products, we'll also have three other vendors joining us:  BeNutty Bakes and Butters, Greenberries Farm, and Susan Williamson of Triad Farm-to-Table with her new book!  Next week we'll have more information on what everyone will have.  Take a peek at the paperwhites:

Paperwhites growing in the greenhouse

As the calendar turns to February tomorrow, enjoy the fact that we're getting one month closer to Spring!  And while many of you will settle in to watch Super Bowl XLIX, I'm sure a few of you may be more like Ajo.  He's resting up for Kitten Bowl 2015.

Ajo napping in the cart

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 1/23/2015 1:52pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Looking out the window on this cold, bleak, rainy day, it's hard to believe how incredibly nice the weather has been this week.  But it was truly wonderful and enabled us to get a lot of things done around the farm.  Lots of pictures today!

The strawberries needed our attention.  There was weeding and mulching to be done.  Then we got them covered with a nice snug field blanket.  We had been resisting getting one of these blankets because of the cost but finally found a good price from an NC dealer.  These blankets are huge -- 26' wide and we cut ours to 149' long.  It covers all of the field except for one row!  The blanket is on just one of the two fields -- we are debating if we want to conduct an experiment between the two fields (intervention and control) or cover both.... We'll let you know!

Strawberry plant with flower    Rolling out the field blanket    Ray and Cousin Blaine holding up the roll

The asparagus beds were also mowed this week.  We mow them with the sickle bar and then rake out all the debris for burning.  Burning the debris off-site helps control pests and diseases that might have been harbored in the foliage.  After this step, we begin the labor intensive process of hand weeding the beds.  Since we are organic, we don't use herbicides like most farms do -- it's very slow, tedious work but we think you appreciate having asparagus without a side of chemicals!

Raking the asparagus beds    Removing the asparagus trimmings from the beds

It sure seems that we are either taking things off of our fields or putting things on them, doesn't it?!  I promised last week to show you how we roll out big round hay bales over the artichoke beds -- I found the photo on Ray's phone! 

Jenn and Cheryl roll out the hay in artichokes

One other major task that got done this week was installing the water line to the hoophouse.  Trying to water the hoophouse was a major chore so we were able to hook up a line from one of our wells to go to a frost-free hydrant inside the building.  We rented a trencher and got 'er done!  Take a look:

Chris and Ray wrestle the trencher     Ray and the trencher    A long ways to go

  Destination Hoophouse  Water!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for our Valentine's Day Event on Saturday, February 14 from 10-2! We are getting our paperwhite narcissus and other things all ready for you!

Paperwhite narcissus in greenhouse

We hope you celebrate National Pie Day today!  Chocolate, lemon, pecan, chicken -- whatever your choice!  After enjoying a nice slice of pie, you could just curl up in a nice warm place, and take a nap -- like Ajo!

Ajo in a tub in Raz House

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 1/16/2015 10:51am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Happy New Year, everyone!!  Hope the beginning of 2015 has been good for you.  Now that hopefully we are past the flu, breaktime is over and we are kick starting the new year!

The garlic is doing GREAT!  Lots of green out in the field and we have already done some weeding.  Ray took the flame weeder out and eliminated a lot of weeds before they got a chance to get big.  The nice thing about garlic is that you can flame it and even if you nip the leaves with a bit of heat, they still are okay.  Ah, the resiliency of plants!

Ray flame weeding the garlic in winter    Little green garlic fuzz in the field

Another task we have tackled is to get the artichokes ready for winter.  The plants had survived the earlier wintry blasts but we needed to tuck them in for sustained cold.  Our artichokes are started from seed and we are able to get two seasons of production -- nice, huh?  We trimmed back the foliage (in their various states of growth), expanded the hole in the fabric if the crown had gotten a lot bigger than the original hole, and then covered them in a heavy layer of hay.  We roll out big round hay bales over the beds -- makes for an amusing sight (and I don't seem to find our photo!)  But here are a few pictures to show how it's done.

Jen trimming the artichoke - with a little help from Ajo   Artichoke after trimming    Artichoke beds covered in hay

Mark Your Calendar for Our Valentine's Day Event!

On Saturday, February 14 from 10-2, we are hosting our first Valentine's Holiday Market!  We will have lots of our products available in the greenhouse (from jam to flowers) and we'll have other vendors as well.  You’ll find an assortment of ways to treat your Valentine to a nice gift! Stop by and take care of your Valentine’s Day shopping – and keep it local! We'll be sending along more information as we get closer to the date -- but mark your calendar now!

That's all for this week!  There are lots of special days to celebrate over the weekend starting with "Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day" today, or "Winnie the Pooh Day" on Sunday.  More importantly, let's celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday and honor his memory by doing something to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 12/19/2014 8:10am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Scurrying around to get everything done before the Big Day -- elves?  Well sort of!  It's the Plum Granny Farm crew scurrying to get the garlic in the ground this week!  As of yesterday, we had close to 24,000 cloves planted for bulb and fresh garlic.  Today we're on a push to get the spring garlic in the ground.  It's got to get in there today because of the forecast rain for next week.  Mud + garlic = Yuck

Ray, Chris & Jen planting garlic    Planting garlic  Cats helping plant garlic   

Putting dibbles on the dibbler for spring garlic    Comfy Ajo in the garlic planting supplies

Another farm activity this week has been getting some foundations repaired on a couple of buildings.  We found a really good mason and had him do some work for us.  Time has taken its toll on the Yam Barn & Tobacco Barn foundations so we had them shored up and put in new footings and waterproofing.  We also built out the foundation of the Corral Building that my brother built about 20 years ago -- we hope to get a roof on it before long.  Here's Ray showing the work that was done on the Yam Barn.  More pictures later...

Footings at the Yam Barn

This will be our last edition for the year -- we're taking a few days off to relax over the Holidays.  Thank you for supporting our farm and for sharing what we are doing here by reading our newsletter.  We really appreciate your words of support and encouragement as well as your business! And most of all, we are most grateful for your friendship and trust.

Here's wishing you all the most wonderful Holiday Season ever!  Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Joyous Solstice and all good wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year!! 

Until 2015,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 12/11/2014 1:14pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Thursday!

Another busy week on the farm!  Although this week has been a bit more oriented to indoor tasks than out.  Yesterday was the day for our annual Organic Certification inspection.  Whew!  We submitted our plan back in August and were waiting to hear about the on-site inspection.  Late last week we got the call from our certifier -- Wednesday was the day!  Our Organic Systems Plan is an extensive document but it is only part of what we must do for certification.  The on-site inspection is very thorough and involves a complete farm walk as well as reviewing our documentation -- half a day at least.  One of the parts that we have to be prepared for is to show our all crops from seed to sale -- a complete audit of when we seeded, when and how much was planted, what was harvested and how much we sold.  It takes a LOT of preparation -- but we think we did fine!  We should be hearing back from the certifying agency in a month or so.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Ray preps for site visit

So why do we go through this every year?  We believe it provides an important assurance to our customers regarding how we grow our crops.  Unlike vague terms like "naturally grown" or "no spray", what we produce is regulated through an extensive Federal certification process. From the seed we plant to our tent at market, we have specific requirements that we must meet to ensure that the food you enjoy from us is grown in a way that nourishes the land (and you!).  We deeply appreciate your trust in us and thank you for supporting a Certified Organic farm!

Garlic Update:  No it's not all planted yet....We decided to let the soil continue to dry out and to give us time to sort through the cloves of cracked garlic and pick out the biggest ones for planting.  There may be a crop mob late next week so stay tuned!

Just wanted to remind you that as you are doing your Holiday shopping for friends and family outside of the immediate area, we can help!  Our jams & garlic products make great gifts and we are happy to take care of the wrapping and shipping for you!  Santa's purple elves to the rescue!

Thanks for all of the well wishes for Wally!  He seems to be very happy in his new home and his new family has sent a couple of photos along.  Had to share this one with you -- do you think he is going to be spoiled?

Wally and Hayden

Market Update:  

This week's market is the final Cobblestone Farmers Market Pop-Up!  It's on Saturday (12/13) in the parking lot behind Mary's Gourmet Diner (7th & Trade in Downtown Winston-Salem) from 10-noon.  You'll find all kinds of great things on our tables -- many perfect for gift-giving!

Garlic Lovers Gift Box

  • Fresh baby turmeric
  • Garlic (Music, Inchelium, Red Toch & Purple Italian)
  • Garlic Sampler Bags
  • Garlic Braids (4 bulb & 10 bulb)
  • Garlic Powder & Granules
  • Garlic Lovers Gift Box (braid, garlic sampler bag & garlic powder)
  • Sweet Potatoes (Covington)
  • Fingerling Potatoes
  • Lettuce (Oakleaf Head Lettuce)
  • Windowsill Herb Gardens
  • Jam Gift Boxes
  • 9 varieties of Jam (including our tasty Yam's Jam Sweet Potato Butter)
  • Mistletoe
  • and MORE!

As a reminder, if there is anything that you would like for us to hold for you at market just let us know by e-mail, by the evening before, and we will be glad to put it aside for you.

Enjoy Poinsettia Day tomorrow!  Take a trip up to visit our friends at Mitchell's Nursery & Greenhouse in King and feast your eyes on their huge selection of poinsettias.  They grew over 8000 this year and you can vote on your favorite variety as part of the national poinsettia trials.

Until our next edition,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 12/5/2014 12:09pm by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

It seems like it has taken an entire week to recuperate from the FABULOUS Small Business Saturday Holiday Market and Open Greenhouse.  Wow!  What an amazing response we had!  We estimate that nearly 300 people came to the farm to support local farms and producers and to Shop Small for the Holidays -- and we are so grateful for your support!  We were seriously rocking the greenhouse from the beginning to the end of the day!! 

Thanks again to our great vendors:  Benutty Bakes & Butters, Front Door Designs by Jonna, Greenberries Farm,and Truffles NC and a BIG thanks to our collaborators, Buffalo Creek Farm & Creamery.  Enjoy a few pictures from the day:

Market scene from Greenberries Farm booth  Jane at Small Business Saturday  Ajo taking a break from the action  Lots of people walked on this welcome mat!

Despite all of the recuperation needed from our Really Big Day, we have managed to get some garlic in the ground this week.  The conditions are still dreadful but it's gotta get in there!!  Here's Chris planting while Ray shapes beds on the tractor.

Planting garlic 2014

Chris has almost been a one-man planting machine!  Thanks Chris -- you rock!

Chris planting garlic

And here's an update on our search for a home for Wally -- we found him a wonderful home with the May Family of Kernersville!  He'll have two little people to play with now and will be shielded from the dangers of Flat Shoals Road.  His new mom says he will really be spoiled.  Thanks so much, Cheyenne & family for giving him a great home!

Wally's new family

Market Update:  

This week's market is the Cobblestone Farmers Market Pop-Up on Saturday in the parking lot behind Mary's Gourmet Diner (7th & Trade in Downtown Winston-Salem) from 10-noon.  You'll find all kinds of great things on our tables -- many perfect for gift-giving!

  • Fresh baby turmeric
  • Garlic (Music, Inchelium & Purple Italian)
  • Garlic Sampler Bags
  • Garlic Braids (4 bulb & 10 bulb)
  • Garlic Powder & Granules
  • Garlic Lovers Gift Box (braid, garlic sampler bag & garlic powder)
  • Sweet Potatoes (Covington)
  • Fingerling Potatoes
  • Windowsill Herb Gardens
  • Jam Gift Boxes
  • 9 varieties of Jam
  • Mistletoe
  • Paperwhite Narcissus
  • and MORE!

As a reminder, if there is anything that you would like for us to hold for you at market just let us know by e-mail, by the evening before, and we will be glad to put it aside for you.

Enjoy Mitten Tree Day tomorrow -- probably invented by a grade school teacher but can be celebrated by all ages.  Read The Mitten to young children, add mittens to your Christmas tree or donate some to your favorite shelter.

Until our next edition,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 11/28/2014 9:08am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with friends, family, relaxation and all the things you are thankful for!

Our focus this week has been to get ready for the Holiday Season.  It has definitely been a jamming week!  Jen and Cheryl spent lots of time at the Camp Hanes kitchen making batch upon batch of your favorite jams.  We made large jars and gift-size jars and are all ready for you and your orders!  Just as a reminder, check out our website to learn more about the jam that we make -- we now have NINE varieties!  And we are happy to ship!

Jam gift boxes are ready to go

We have been harvesting more of the turmeric and will have lots for Saturday's market.  Here are Jen and Chris showing off their handiwork!

Jen and Chris with turmeric

We have been working especially hard to get ready for our Holiday Market and Open Greenhouse event tomorrow (11/29 from 10-4).  It's our first time to participate in Small Business Saturday and it has been fun to get all of the cool things they have put together for the day -- everything from posters to balloons and even a welcome mat!  We have partnered with Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery to promote the event at both of our farms.  At our farm, there will be a wide variety of products to choose from including baked goods, peanut butters, truffle products, eggs, produce, gift items, photographs, wreaths and more!  Help us welcome BeNutty Bakes and Butters, Greenberries Farm, Truffles NC and Front Door Designs by Jonna to our farm! There will even be a campfire for s'mores, refreshments, lots of door prizes and you can even choose & cut your own cedar Christmas tree! Shop Small, ya'll!

Market Update:  

This week's market is Small Business Saturday at the Farm (10-4)!  You'll find all kinds of great things on our tables -- many perfect for gift-giving!

  • Fresh baby ginger (limited quantity) & turmeric
  • Garlic & Garlic Sampler Bags
  • Garlic Braids
  • Garlic Powder & Granules
  • Garlic Lovers Gift Box (braid, garlic sampler bag & garlic powder)
  • Sweet Potatoes (Covington & Ginseng)
  • Fingerling Potatoes
  • Sweet Italian Red peppers
  • Bok Choy
  • Lettuce
  • Windowsill Herb Gardens
  • Jam Gift Boxes
  • 9 varieties of Jam
  • Mistletoe
  • Holiday Greens
  • Paperwhite Narcissus
  • and MORE!

Paperwhite narcissus

As a reminder, if there is anything that you would like for us to hold for you at market just let us know by e-mail, by the evening before, and we will be glad to put it aside for you.

Until our next edition,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 11/14/2014 9:32am by Cheryl Ferguson.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

Looking at the forecast for the next few days, it sure feels like winter is upon us!  Will definitely be a frosty morning at market tomorrow so we'll have on our layers, for sure!

Today marks the day for planting shallots.  The rain last week created poor soil conditions but it finally dried out enough to get the beds shaped.  Ray and Chris (with the help of the NC A&T State University bedshaper) got several beds made up late yesterday so we will be planting French Red and Greeley shallots today!  Our shallot crop this year was greatly reduced due to last year's intense cold.  We are going to plant a little differently this year and may even add mulch as a protection.  The Greeleys in particular were severely impacted last winter and we lost more than 2/3 of the crop.  Since this is a rare heirloom shallot that we got from a farmer in New Mexico, we have to rebuild our stock. Here's to 2015!

Beds for spring garlic & shallots in Flat Shoals

As the weather chills, the more tender plants need protection.  We have two lettuce beds in the Demo garden that now have PVC hoops to create a mini-high tunnel and we are putting down floating row cover over the frissé and lettuce in Raz House.  And then there are the well pumps to cover, ice machine to winterize and greenhouse irrigation to check, ...  The To Do list gets VERY long when cold weather hits!

Chris & Ray putting a hoop on a Demo Garden bed    Lettuce and endive in Ras House waiting to be covered.

Okay, folks -- we need your help.  We need to find a good indoor home for our cat, Wally.  He is an affectionate and personable cat but because of these qualities, he is always in search of people and crosses the road to find us.  We really don't want him to meet the same fate of his Mom, so we'd like to find a new home for him.  Please send an email or give a call if you are interested.  We think he would do well with other cats- not sure about a dog.  It will be hard to lose him but we'd rather rehome him than have another hit and run victim.

Sir Walter Waly

Don't forget that Saturday, November 29 from 10-4 is our Holiday Market and Open Greenhouse event on Small Business Saturday.  We have partnered with Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery to promote the event at both of our farms.  At our farm, join BeNutty Bakes and Butters, Greenberries Farm and Truffles NC  and try their wonderful products!  We'll have Holiday mistletoe and greenery, veggies, jams, garlic goodies and more along with Christmas tree cutting, a bonfire for s'mores, refreshments and door prizes! Shop Small, ya'll!

Small Business Saturday Save the Date

Market Update:  

On Saturday, we'll be at Cobblestone Farmers Market at Old Salem (9-12) - just one more regular season market after tomorrow!  What will you find on our tables?  Yes, there's still garlic - smaller quantities -- so get it while you can!  There will be Garlic Powder and Garlic Granules (Spanish Roja, Inchelium Red, Nootka & Music), Culinary garlic -- Elephant, Music, Inchelium Red, Chesnok, German Red, Lorz Italian and Nootka Rose -- and garlic braids.

We'll also have LaRatte Fingerling potatoes as well as the popular Sweet Potatoes (Ginseng, Covington & Sweetie Pie) -- they went FAST last week!  There will be Aji Dulce peppers (the sweet habanero) -- try a taste of our Aji Dulce Sauce -- a zesty and bright Puerto Rican sauce that just begs to go with chicken, beans or pork -- and even chips!  We'll have kits with all the makings and a simple recipe.  We'll also have jalapeños, Sweet Italian Red peppers, and radishes.

Holiday flavors have come to the Jam Department!  Our famous, limited edition Yam's Jam Sweet Potato Butter is back (think sweet potato pie in a jar!  Yummmmmmm!) as well as the tasty Raspberry-Cranberry Jam. 

As a reminder, if there is anything that you would like for us to hold for you at market just let us know by e-mail, by the evening before, and we will be glad to put it aside for you.

Stay warm, tuck in your furry friends, feed the birds, cover those plants and beware of frozen pipes!

Until our next edition,

Cheryl & Ray

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