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Posted 9/9/2018 1:04pm by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

A misty, foggy start to the last day of August.  I remember reading somewhere that there is a correlation between the number of foggy August mornings and the number of snows in the winter.  While I haven't been keeping exact count, I'd say that we are in for a snowy winter!

But after the refreshingly cool weather last week, we have been back at the mid-90's all this week and have been swimming through the humidity.  As one farmer friend put it, "September can’t come soon enough as long as the heat and humidity break soon too.  I think the worst air of the summer has come this week, even more brutal after the delicious weather of last week!"  Couldn't agree more!

August has been called the "Tipping Point" between Summer and Fall.  Despite the muggy, steamy conditions, we've been keeping up our march to get ready for autumn.  We are tipping our crop mix to the cooler season veggies like kale, cabbage and carrots.  Lots of planting and prepping of fields -- check out the newly planted cabbage (left) and the super deep bed for our late fall carrots (right).


It was out with the cucumbers in Mama Meow!  These cukes kept getting knocked down by disease and pests and the yields were just getting too small to justify the expensive real estate.  But we sure learned a lot about lower and lean with this crop -- pricey tuition!  The grow bags will soon be filled with lettuce.

The heirloom Seminole Squash are setting a lot of fruit and keep on
g -r- o- w- i -n- g!  The vines must be at least 30 feet long now.

The Mystery Continues...

Inspector Brix has not been able to get to the bottom of The Great Pasture Caper.  Tony and BB are too busy eating grass in their newly expanded paddock and humans, well...what can she say?  She is hoping for some answers VERY soon -- and will work overtime to file a full report next week.  But donkeys always work overtime, right?

Pick a Peck of Pretty Picnic Peppers!
The peppers are starting to roll in -- definitely not at peak but we are getting larger harvests every day. These Picnic Peppers are definitely a farm favorite.  All of us love munching on these sweet little gems.

The Pepper Palace (aka Raz House) is pumping out beautiful sweet red pimentos, Marconi, red bells and the delicious Shishitos too.

Cobblestone Farmers Market Update
We will be featuring our wonderful Shishito Peppers this weekend.  They are great on the grill, seared in a skillet or blended up in a tasty cold soup!  We'll have samples (and recipes) of our delicious Creamy Shishito Soup at market tomorrow.

The Potato Bar will be back -- but we are running low on spuds!  We still have plenty of the delicious Bintje Potatoes -- the original French fry potato from the Netherlands -- and we'll have the last of the Russet and Huckleberry Gold.  We'll also have boxes of tasty Creamers -- think Potato Salad for your Labor Day picnic!   The perfect potato partners -- Rosemary and Italian Parsley -- will also be available.

Have you tried Pea Shoots?  If not, you should!  These tasty little nutritional powerhouses have a pea-like taste and can be eaten raw (salads, sandwiches) or lightly sautéed. We'll have bunches of pea shoots along with Sunflower Shoots (another yummy, crunchy treat).

In addition to the Shishito Peppers, we'll have the favorite sweet and nearly seedless Picnic/Lunchbox Peppers and Sweet Red Peppers.  In the Garlic Department, we'll have at least 6 varieties of Bulb Garlic (Red Toch, Spanish Roja, Lorz, Lahontan Early, Elephant and the last of the Music and Chesnok) along with Garlic Sampler Bags and Garlic Granules.  We'll have Microgreens, Dill, a few cucumbers and the last of the Basil (for now).

Here's wishing you a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  Enjoy those last beautiful days of Summer.

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 8/19/2018 12:15pm by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!
And in the blink of an eye, another busy week has buzzed by!

We've got our hands full with trying to tend for crops that are in the ground as well getting more crops planted.  And we are making good progress on both.

One of our favorite winter squash varieties, Seminole, holds a special place in the Demo Garden.  It's an heirloom with an incredible taste (and amazing shelf life) but has vines that are worthy of place in in fairytale history along with Jack's bean stalk!  This year we planted 2 hills of the seeds back in June in our 4x8 raised bed and they have been growing like crazy ever since!  This week, we finally got the vines wrangled and trellised.  They are no longer invading every other bed in the garden!

Check out the size of the flowers!

The sweet potatoes are doing great!  Our larger planting is really spreading out (now that we've got the field fenced so the deer won't munch on the leaves!).  The smaller planting in the Demo Garden already is beginning to flower.


We've also been getting lots of things planted including snap peas, daikon radishes, beans, bunching onions, along with a late trial of cherry tomatoes. 

The greenhouse has been humming too!  Seedlings of kale, cabbage, kohlrabi and broccoli are raring to go outside.

And the cucumbers and tomatoes that were planted 2 weeks ago already need to be trellised!

Pest control is a big thing at this time of year.  Late summer heat and humidity seem to bring out the worst.  But it's nice when we have help from other critters in the battle.

Although we haven't seen him at work, it's nice to have a toad in the greenhouse.  They can eat LOTS of insects!  You Go, Mr. Toad!!

Parasitic braconid wasps do a great job of controlling tomato hornworms.  They lay their eggs in the worm and by the time the wasp pupae emerge, they have pretty much eaten the hornworm's insides and it will die.  A bit gruesome, but it is a highly effective way to control the destructive hornworm!

Happy Birthday to Ewe!  And Tony Too!
Today is the special day for BB and Tony -- they are 3!  Tony wants to know how many bean cakes he gets for this momentous occasion!  He has set up an account at the GoFeedMe website! ;-)

Baby BB meets Brix

What a handsome boy!

Cobblestone Farmers Market Update
Sunday is National Potato Day!  Did you know there are over 4,000 varieties of potatoes and that the Incas in Peru started cultivating them around 8000 BC?

Better get ready for a GREAT celebration by stocking up on all things potato-y under the purple tent!  You'll find the delicious Bintje Potatoes -- the original French fry potato from the Netherlands along with Russet, Raspberry and the last of the Nicola and LaRatte Fingerlings.  We'll also have boxes of tasty creamers.  We'll have Rosemary and Italian Parsley to compliment your spud dishes!

We'll also have those tasty Shishito Peppers -- the mild and yummy Bar Food of Japan!  And don't forget the Garlic!  At least 6 varieties of Bulb Garlic (Red Toch, Music, Chesnok, Red Neck Wild!, Lorz and Elephant) along with Garlic Sampler Bags and Garlic Granules.  You'll find plenty of Basil, Pea Shoots, Sunflower Shoots, Microgreens and Dill as well as a smattering of Escarole, Cucumbers, Summer Squash and Okra.

That's all the news from Plum Granny Farm for this week!  Find a nice spot in the shade this weekend, pull up a blanket and picnic and listen to some mighty fine tunes from Aretha Franklin.  RIP to the Queen of Soul.

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray 

Posted 8/12/2018 11:22am by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday! 
Fall is on our minds!  Yes, it is about 6 weeks until the first day of Autumn and that makes our hearts (and pace) quicken!  We are doing lots of prep to get ready for the fall season including trying some new things.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Fields are getting prepped for cover crops.  This is where the potatoes were this season.  We are getting a quick crop of buckwheat in now (bees LOVE the flowers!) and will be following up with other cover crops to overwinter.

We are also preparing to plant fall brassicas such as kale, cabbage, collards, kohlrabi and broccoli.  Here Chris is using the flame weeder to remove the weeds on the tops of the beds.  A brief burst of flame will cause the plant to die -- you don't have to totally burn it.  This is a quick and effect way to weed.

The greenhouse looks like spring again!  LOTS of trays with seedlings popping up.  This is a tray of salad turnips.

Beets are popping!  We are doing an experiment between transplanting beets (foreground) and direct seeding (at the back of the bed) to see which produces the best quality.  By doing trials such as this, we are better able to refine our production techniques.  Always learning!

Peppers are popping too!  The Pepper House (aka Raz House) is FULL of beautiful pepper plants LOADED with peppers.  Most of them need to ripen but our shishitos are ready now and we'll have the first of them at Market Saturday.

The close-up of the plant above is a Marconi, an Italian heirloom that is very sweet when it ripens.  The perfect pepper for a sauté with onions and garlic! These should be ready in about a month.

We are also taking care of what most consider "Summer" crops.  Our field tomatoes are looking great!  The plants are loaded with fruit and, as usual, we should have tomatoes l-o-n-g after everyone else is done for the year!

But we have also just started our fall/winter tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse!  Won't they be wonderful for Small Business Saturday?

We got BB and Tony moved to their alternate paddock this week -- and we brought in some very special helpers all the way from Houston!


Cheryl's nephew, Scott, and his family are visiting this week so we put his daughters, Sophia and Sydney to work!  They didn't seem to mind too much!  When asked for a comment, all Tony could say was "Mrmph, mmrph, mmrph!"  I think that was a compliment!

August brings many things but one of our treasured moments is watching the Perseid Meteor Showers.  When we lived in New Mexico, there was some mighty fine skywatching opportunities but hopefully we'll catch a break here in Piedmont NC this weekend.  Currently the forecast calls for clear skies overnight on Saturday night and Sunday early morning.  The Perseids peak August 12-13. Thanks to a new moon, the days before and after will also provide nice, dark skies. Look for shooting stars a few hours after twilight until dawn on the days surrounding the peak.  Happy Meteor Watching!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 8/12/2018 11:04am by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!  Welcome August!
A strange beginning to the month.  About the only bits of sunshine we've seen around here since last weekend came from these:

And unfortunately we've been feeling more like this:

It's kinda hard being solar-powered beings on days like these!
And unfortunately it isn't made any better hobbling around with this:

Sigh... it could be MUCH worse!  But it's not exactly how I had hoped to spend the last week of our Summer Pause!

But we have been getting things done - especially in the greenhouse as it is too wet to do much outside.

Ray and Jonny got the greenhouse tomatoes ready for their "lower and lean."  This method allows us to shift or lean the tomato vine over while it is trellised (and supported) and to lower it so that we are able to continue to harvest fruit without using ladders.  This is a fairly common method in many greenhouses and high tunnels for both tomatoes and cucumbers.  We are trying this approach for the first time.  It's taken a while for me to wrap my head about the mechanics of it but I think I understand it now!  Check it out!

Ray and Jonny are moving the tomato vine to the left.  The plant is trellised from a pipe hung about 7 feet high.  So the vine was shifted over about 4 feet and given more trellis line so now the vine is lower than it was originally.  This will encourage more growth and fruiting.

Here's the row of tomatoes afterwards.  It looks a little weird (kinda like a funhouse mirror!) but everything we've read touts its effectiveness!  Fingers crossed!  We are also doing the same thing with cucumbers in the high tunnel.

So why are we doing this?  As the season goes on, tomato (and cucumber) vines grow longer and longer, and produce new fruit near the ends (at the top).  Since our tomatoes have been growing since February, they're 10-12' tall with flowers at the top and bare stems at the bottom (It's a good thing they're tied to trellis line!)  But it's kinda hard to tend and harvest 12' in the air! So that's were the "lower and lean" method comes into play -- if we lean them over, the tops get lower and Voila!  We can get more tasty tomatoes!  That's your farming lesson for today!

Did you know that August has more National Holidays than any other month?  Well, it does!  Set your sights on a few coming up this weekend:

  • Today is National Watermelon Day!  Did you know that watermelon is 92% water? No wonder it’s so refreshing! People have been digging into this tasty, juicy fruit for millennia, and it all started in Ancient Egypt. It’s said that watermelon cultivation began in the Nile Valley as early as the second millennium B.C. Watermelon seeds were even found in King Tut’s tomb! 
  • Tomorrow is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! We sure do love our cookies, and on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day we honor the most beloved cookie of them all. When she was in high school, Cheryl baked batch after batch of these goodies for friends and family -- even winning a ribbon at the fair! Shhhh!  Don't tell Ray!
  • Sunday is National Work Like a Dog Day!  We've know some pretty busy canines in our time -- excavations seem to be the specialty...

And last but not least, we can't forget National Farmers Market Week (August 5-11).  Celebrate all of the wonderful things about the markets (and farmers) you love!

That does it for now!  

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 7/27/2018 3:33pm by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday

What a strange Friday!  Besides taking a quick trip to Greensboro to see the ginger trials at NC A&T, it is so odd to feel...dare I say, relaxed!  Yep, we're in our "Market Pause" so we aren't running around like crazy people trying to get ready for Cobblestone Farmers market tomorrow.  Ahhhh.....

It's not like we are sleeping until noon but we are a bit more on our own time without the pressures of markets and PlumFresh directing our activities.

And we're catching up on some things that have been neglected for the past few months.  Like clearing out the garage (so that Ray can have a better space to work on Daddy's Cub tractor!)

And catching up on entering financial and crop data for our Organic Certification reports (you really don't want to see a picture of that!)

But the pause gives us the opportunity to reflect, re-plan and get ready for the second half of the season -- there's a lot left ahead!

We've gotten some key things done this week.

The garlic is all graded and hung!  It's great to know what seed garlic we will have for planting this fall, what we need to order as well as what seed we will have available for sale!

Lots of seeds have been planted -- kale, cabbage, broccoli, chard, kohlrabi, lettuce and lots more will be coming your way this fall!

And Chris and Jonny turned their "chain gang" excavation work last week into a perfect fluffy bed for beets!

Perhaps we might sneak in a nap or 2 -- I must admit that RingBob seems to have a good idea....

Cobblestone Farmers Market Update
We will NOT be at Cobblestone for the next two weeks (July 28 and August 4).  We'll be back on August 11, raring to go!

That's all we've got this week!  We hope you enjoy this evening's Full Buck Moon, named by Native Americans because a buck’s antlers are in full growth mode. This Full Moon was also known as the Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are so frequent during the month.  The Full Moon will also coincide with a Total Lunar Eclipse -- although it won't be visible from North America -- we'll have to wait for January 2019 for that.  Happy Viewing!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 7/22/2018 3:20pm by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!

It's hot, it's dry.  And even though a donkey is a desert animal, sometimes she just needs a refreshing treat.  How about a nice cantaloupe rind, hmmm?  Brix has earned her place in the pasture by demonstrating that she is Yam worthy.  What's "Yam worthy," you ask?  Yam was our cow -- but she was much more than a cow, she was The Greeting Committee for the Capella Community.  She graced (and grazed) our pasture for 14 years.  A very special cow.  And she LOVED cantaloupe -- we call it Yam-aloupe.  So now Brix has earned her Yam-aloupe merit badge.

Lots of projects underway right now.  It's that time of the year when we are both tending summer crops like peppers, tomatoes and okra while we are getting ready for fall crops.  Lots of seeding is happening right now!  Kale, collards, broccoli, kohlrabi and lots more are hitting the seed trays.  And we are also prepping beds for additional plantings.

We built a raised bed last year between 2 of our high tunnels and have been growing carrots in them since then.  We have been noticing some poor drainage and what looked like compaction with our last round of carrots.  So we decided to remove about a foot of the soil and amend it with lots of composted leaves for our next planting which will be beets. 

We joked with Jonny and Chris that they were on the Chain Gang as they dug out wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow full of soil. I think I heard them singing "A Man of Constant Sorrow".... We are glad these guys have a sense of humor!

We got the rest of the potatoes harvested this week.  A respectable harvest but not our biggest -- about 1500 pounds.  Unfortunately we had to harvest the fingerlings and Bintje earlier than usual because Late Blight hit the field.  Once that happens, you need to get the tubers out as quickly as possible so that they don't become diseased.


Blackberry Update

Well, we had hoped to do one more PYO event this season but it looks like the berries just won't be plentiful enough.  We had a great harvest earlier this week but now the berries are slowing down to a trickle.  I am sure that the drought has had an impact -- even though we have been irrigating a lot.  Always a sad time for a small fruit farmer -- seeing the end of a great crop.

Cobblestone Farmers Market Update


Come and get 'em while you can!  This will be the last week for our sweet blackberries at market so stop by and grab a pint!  Saturday will be Ice Cream Day at Cobblestone so it sounds like a great match-up of flavors!

The Potato Bar gets two new additions this week:  Bintje (the original French Fry Potato) and the popular LaRatte Fingerling.  We'll also have German Butterball, low-glycemic Nicola, and Huckleberry Gold.  Boxes of the cute little Creamer Potatoes will also be available.

We'll also have lots of other Certified Organic goodness including big beautiful heads of Escarole, Garlic Sampler Bags, freshly Cured Garlic (including Elephant, Red Toch, Music and Chesnok), the last of the Garlic Flowers, Carrots and some Pea Shoots.  And we'll be bringing some of our tasty JAM to market too!

That's all the news from the farm this week.  Don't forget to celebrate National Hammock Day on Sunday!  A lazy July afternoon in the shade?  I'll nap to that!

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 7/15/2018 12:36pm by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!
What a week!  Between berry-picking, planting, erecting deer fence, irrigating (LOTS!), eradicating Johnson Grass and harvesting potatoes (and more!), our to-do lists have been pretty full!  Let's take a quick field walk around to see what's happening, shall we?


And we found a HIPPO!  One of the fun things about harvesting potatoes is all of the interesting shapes that you find.  This year's winner is from our new variety, Raspberry.  Everyone needs a pink hippo, don't you think?

  ("I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do
Don't want a doll, no dinkey tinker toy
I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy..")

We're not the only ones that think the blackberry field is a wonderful place....  We've cordoned off this area to give the family some privacy (and the parents were quite protective!)

Some Days....
Then there are some days you just scratch your head and wonder why.... On Tuesday, I happened to notice someone walking along the Highway 66 side of the farm.  He was wearing a bright yellow shirt that road workers wear and it looked like he had a backpack sprayer.  I ran down to see what was happening, and sure enough he was spraying a small growth of poplar tree saplings.  I told him to stop immediately.  His crew chief was in a truck across the road, and I made him get out and cut all of the area that had been sprayed and remove the branches.  After some cajoling and stern insistence, they did so.  The crew chief kept telling me it was safe and that he would even drink the stuff (yeah, right).  They didn't quite understand what "ORGANIC" meant.  Problem solved.

Well, not so fast.  About 2 hours later, I happened to notice the SAME guy with a backpack spraying on the Flat Shoals Road part of the farm.  I ran over, told him to stop and made him call his supervisor.  But not before taking this picture.

As organic farmers, we have to be very diligent to make sure that things aren't done to our land that are in violation of our organic practices and certification.  We post signs, get on the "Do Not Spray" lists for the utilities but even then, vigilance is key.  Hopefully now we won't have to deal with this crew again this season -- but we'll keep our eyes open.

Cobblestone Farmers Market Update

Tater Time!  We've been harvesting more potatoes this week, so our Potato Bar will be filled with more delights including the crowd-pleasing German Butterball, low-glycemic Nicola, and the new Raspberry (a pink fleshed potato with a dark pink skin).  Boxes of the cute little Creamer Potatoes will also be available.

We'll also have lots of other Certified Organic goodness including Escarole, Garlic Sampler Bags, freshly Cured Garlic (including Elephant, Red Toch, and Music), Garlic Flowers, some Basil. a few Blackberries (we got picked HARD during PYOs this week, so the berries need to catch up) and a few bags of Pea and Sunflower Shoots.  And we'll be bringing some of our tasty JAM to market too!

If you'd like us to save something for you, please send us an email by 10 p.m. tonight and it will be ready for pick-up tomorrow.
That's a wrap for this week's farm report.  Don't let Friday the 13th spook you.  Remember, black cats are not bad luck!
Until next week,
Cheryl & Ray
Posted 6/10/2018 7:19pm by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!  
Hasn't this been a beautiful week?  What a lovely start to June!  The weather has been perfect for a few tasks on our week's to-do list:  shearing the sheep, making hay and starting garlic harvest.

Shearing Day
Our friend, Laura Frazier of FarmGirl Arts (and BB and Tony's first human) kindly shears for us twice a year.  She is amazingly skillful, using hand shears, not electric clippers.  The fleece was very dense this year -- which made the process quite a challenge.  We vowed to shear earlier this fall and next spring.  Better fleeces, easier work! 

BB and Tony wanted me to show you their before and after pictures -- they feel SOOOOOO much better now!  And the look SO little (especially BB!)


Hay Days
Hay!  It's definitely been on our minds (and in our boots, in our hair, in our pants...) this week.  It has been hard to find a window of 5 dry days to get it mowed, raked and baled.  But this week presented the perfect weather opportunity.  You know it's time to mow when you can't find your hayrake in the field!

Man, this stuff is thick!  This will be one of the biggest hay crops that we've had.  All of the rains earlier in the year yielded bountiful grass, clovers and forbs!  Now if we only had more barns....

Garlic Harvest 2018
The harvest has begun with our Turban garlics as well as some of the Music.  Conditions are much better than last year -- thanks to better weeding.  But we think that all of the spring moisture could have resulted in somewhat smaller bulbs.  We'll know better as we get further into the harvest next week.

We also got all of our Elephant Flowers -- buckets and buckets of beautiful bouquets of garlicky-ness!

Farm Tour 2018!
Mark your calendar for the 4th Annual Northern Triad Farm Tour on Sunday, June 24 from 1-5 p.m.  This FREE tour gives visitors the chance to see behind the scenes of 5 area farms -- each farm has special things planned for the day and we are all do different things!  Stay tuned for more information about what we'll have here at Plum Granny Farm!

That's a wrap for this week's edition! 

Today is World Oceans Day!  Did you know that 
Plastic pollution poses a threat to human health, kills and harms marine life, damages and alters habitats, and can have substantial negative impacts on local economies? Unlike many ocean issues, plastics pollution is a big problem that we need to -- and can address. The first step of avoiding disposable plastic bags can seem difficult -- but it's not impossible.  It's a great way for an individual to help make a difference. More than 80% of marine litter comes from land-based sources. The primary direct threat to marine life is entanglement or ingestion. Sea turtles, birds, and fish alike accidentally mistake plastic for food and choke or get sick by ingesting it.  Let's all do our part to reduce plastic use -- Reuse, Recycle and Choose Biodegradable!
Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

Posted 5/29/2018 7:36am by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!
When we last talked, it was raining.  And it rained and it rained...

This was the view from the Tobacco Barn on Friday afternoon.  A torrent of water ran down below the apple trees and there was standing water everywhere.  Here is a video of what our packing area looked like -- and it was under cover!

The surge of water reminded us of living in New Mexico and the arroyos (dry river/creek beds) that carried floods of water down from the mountains. 

The good news is that was no damage to buildings and humans and animals were all safe.

At last tally, we had gotten close to 8.5 inches of rain with nearly 4 inches coming on Friday alone.  This is the largest rain event we have ever had since we started farming and lots of old timers here say the same.

A downside to the rain is that it pretty much ended our strawberry season.  Strawberries just can't compete with all of this water.


But it's not all gloom and doom around here!  No siree!  More berries -- raspberries and blackberries are waiting in the wings for the next act!


One thing that the rain did seem to bring was an invasion of Colorado Potato Beetles (CPB).  They suddenly appeared by the thousands!  These critters in all of their stages can decimate a potato plant in a matter of hours.  Thank goodness there is an organic control for this -- spinosad, which is a natural substance made by a soil bacterium that can be toxic to insects.  If applied in a timely manner, it can knock down these pests and save the crop.  Fingers crossed!


Cobblestone Farmers Market Update

It's looking like a cool and cloudy morning for Cobblestone Farmers Market tomorrow.  Sounds like a great day to come out and get ready for Holiday picnics and gatherings.

The good news is that it Scape Season!  Yes, our Garlic Scapes have emerged and it is time to enjoy their deliciousness!  Stop by for a bundle of curly goodness, taste some of Scape Bean Dip and take home a recipe for your own scape-y creations.

Our purple tent will also be packed with lots of Certified Organic goodness including SUGAR SNAP PEAS (oodles!), Snow Peas, Salad Mix, Baby Garlic, Kale (Lacinato/Dino and Red Russian), young tender Collards, Kale Flowers, Swiss Chard, Tatsoi, Pac Choi, Microgreens and Young Ginger (vacuum-packed and frozen).  We'll also have Garlic Powder and Granules. 

This will be the LAST WEEK for our Certified Organic transplants.  We have lots of varieties of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, tomatillos, veggie plants as well as some ginger plants.  Let us know if there is something in particular you are looking for!

If you'd like us to save something for you, please send us an email by 10 p.m. tonight and it will be ready for pick-up tomorrow.

 photo credit:

Wishing you the best on this Memorial Day weekend.  The weekend always holds special meaning for us since both of our fathers served in World War II.  Ray's dad, Bill, was a career Army man and also served in Korea. Cheryl's dad, Holt, enlisted in the Army at the beginning of World War II and was stationed in the Philippines. 

And let's not forget those left at home during wartime or military service.  Especially women like our mothers, who were managing everything at home with young children, waiting weeks for letters to arrive from the Front.  Ray's mom, Arlene had to wait in agony for weeks to learn about Bill's condition after receiving a telegram that he was wounded in action. These were the days before Skype and FaceTime.

Our deepest appreciation goes out to all those who have served our country -- in wartime and peace.  Take a moment this weekend to say "Thank You" to a veteran -- and if you are one, our special thanks to you.

Until next week,
Cheryl & Ray

Posted 5/20/2018 11:55am by Cheryl.

Hello Farm Friends!  Happy Friday!
What a difference a week makes!  Last week we were swimming in strawberries and wiping the sweat off our brows.  Today we are suited up in rain gear and bemoaning the fact that we don't have any strawberries!  Such is the nature of this business we call farming.

Yep, the rain gauge is at 4".  Four inches of rain have fallen since Tuesday.  But we make the best of the situation -- more beans have been planted and we think about how great the rain is for the greens!  And Detroit and RingBob enjoy looking at the farm from one of their favorite perches.

And even in the rain, the farm is still beautiful.

Rain or shine, BB and Tony are celebrating today!  They are in their new paddock -- with grass as tall as they are!  I'm not sure if they slept at all last night -- too much good stuff to eat!  And Brix has to get used to them being in a new place.

The greenhouse continues to be a hub of activity.  Our current crop of cucumbers has pretty much played out but we are getting ready to plant another round of them.  The older cucumber plants were attacked by a nasty infestation of spider mites.  We have been working to control them with some biological sprays and the introduction of beneficial insects -- in this case, predatory mites.

It's also been a tough year for aphid control so we have turned to our friends, green lacewings.  There are green lacewing eggs mixed in the rice hulls in the picture.  Larvae hatch from the eggs and they are one of the best predators of aphids.  They are even called "Aphid Lions"!

But despite some pests, good stuff is coming out of the greenhouse!  Check out these tomatoes that are heading to PlumFresh members this weekend!

Strawberry Update
We had a great Mother's Day Pick-Your--Own last Sunday -- thanks to all of you who came out and shared some of our strawberry goodness.  One of our customers brought her daughter out for the afternoon and she captured some incredible photos.  Thanks to Aeliyra Photography for sharing these images!


Cobblestone Farmers Market Update

Grab your rain jacket and your boots and head on out to Cobblestone Farmers Market from 9-noon on Saturday.  We are a Rain or Shine market -- but if there are thunderstorms around, there is a chance the market may close early.  We suggest that you get to market closer to the opening bell -- if you wait until later, you may miss it.

Our purple tent will be packed with lots of Certified Organic goodness including SUGAR SNAP PEAS (oodles!), Spring Garlic, Kale (Lacinato/Dino and Red Russian), Kale Flowers, Snacking Cucumbers (a few), Tatsoi, Sunflower Shoots, Pea Shoots, Microgreens  and Young Ginger (vacuum-packed and frozen).  We'll also have Garlic Powder and Granules.  

Since we won't have the Strawberry Tsunami to deal with (that was CRAZY last week!), we'll have our Certified Organic transplants back under the tent.  We have lots of varieties of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, tomatillos, veggie plants as well as some ginger plants.  Let us know if there is something in particular you are looking for!

If you'd like us to save something for you, please send us an email by 10 p.m. tonight and it will be ready for pick-up tomorrow.

That does it for this week!  Gesti asked us to remind you that Sunday is National Rescue Dog DayThis celebration was founded by Tails That Teach, Inc. to bring awareness to the thousands of rescue dogs awaiting their forever homes in shelters around the country.  Gesti and most of our previous dogs have been rescues -- and like the bumper sticker says, "Who Rescued Who?"

Until next week,

Cheryl & Ray

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Ray talks ginger with Lisa

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