Our Garlic Varieties

Here are the varieties of garlic we grow.

Garlic Varieties Available in 2016

Listed in order from mildest to most bold 


Red Toch:  A softneck variety that comes to us from the Republic of Georgia.  It is nicely flavored but has very little heat and is not quite as strong as Inchelium Red.  Excellent for guacamole, gazpacho or other raw uses or when you want to use a lot of garlic without it being overpowering.  Cheryl and Ray’s favorite garlic for raw eating.  Keeps well.

Inchelium Red:  This softneck garlic has a mild, lingering flavor with a hint of heat that sharpens in storage.  Rodale asked chefs to pick their favorite and best tasting softneck variety and Inchelium Red was the winner!  Excellent for raw use – think pesto, hummus, salads – but also shines when it is cooked.  A great keeper.

Music:  This hardneck variety has a sweet, mild classic garlic flavor.  Favorite of many customers – our best-seller.  Even people who don't like garlic enjoy this variety!  Averages 2-3 bulbs per 1/4 lb. with 4-7 fat, easy to peel cloves per bulb.

Burgundy:  This is a Creole hardneck that has a mild to medium flavor.  Flavor is fresh, a bit sharp, not heavy and lingers nicely but not so long as to collide with dessert.  Best uses are raw (bruschetta, salsa fresca, salad dressing, tapas) or sautéed (fresh veggies, tofu, fish, chicken, pork) or add to light sauces.

Chesnok:  The rich aroma of this hardneck variety lingers to a medium flavor.  Great all-purpose garlic which retains flavor when cooked.  Is a great roaster – the cloves keep their shape so that you can remove a fully formed clove from the roasted garlic.  Averages 3 to 4 bulbs per ¼ pound with 6-8 cloves per bulb.

Georgian Crystal:  This beautiful hardneck garlic has large cloves that are perfect for salsas, raw sauces, guacamole or even roasting.  Some customers really like to use Georgian Crystal as a bright and crisp garlic for sautéing with vegetables like spinach or summer squash.  This variety has a clean and fresh taste like no other!  Averages 2-3 bulbs per ¼ lb. with 6-8 cloves per bulb.

Nookta Rose:  A beautiful heirloom softneck garlic that has roots in the San Juan Island area of Washington State.  It has a wonderful rosy pink cast to the cloves and is a wonderful roaster (Cheryl’s favorite!).  An excellent addition to Italian food – especially things like bruschetta or marinara sauce.  It is an excellent keeper and its beauty makes it our choice for our famous garlic braids.

Purple Italian Easy Peel:  This hardneck Rocambole has a strong flavor with a classic sweet, rich taste.   Easy to peel.  Excellent for Italian dishes.

German Red:  This dark garlic has a full, rich flavor (despite its rather delicate nose) that is great for stews, winter vegetables and roasts.  An heirloom hardneck, this variety has 10-12 cloves with a hard loose easy-peel wrapper.

Lahontan Early White:  A unique, artichoke soft-neck white garlic with a fresh, rich, spicy, pungent flavor.  Hot-pepper style heat that builds slowly to an explosion that warms your entire mouth fast, followed by a creamy aftertaste.  Tight clove sheaves make it a great keeper. Excellent for braiding.  10-12 very large cloves per bulb.

Lorz Italian:  The Lorz family brought this softneck garlic to the Columbia River Basin of Washington State from Italy before the 1900's.  It has 2-5 layers with 12-18 cloves with wrappers that peel easily. The cloves are cream colored with elongated tips and are great for roasting with a bold flavor that lingers.  It is the perfect addition to a great Italian meal!  A real garlic lover’s garlic!

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